• Nutanix: Kindling the Datacenter Movement
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    Nutanix: Kindling the Datacenter Movement

    One morning sitting in a well-lit room of Kanpur IIT Dheeraj Pandey was solving linear algebra, set theory, and Boolean algebra problems. Though a graduate of Computer Science, he was much inclined towards courses not just in system software, but in mathematics as well. A sudden thud on his door and to his delight, he finds his mentor waiting for him at the door. They sit down to discuss the fork in Pandey's road, a decision that he has to make--one that would decide the future of this young graduate. After much consideration, Pandey decides to join UT, Austin, for a PhD program. The door finally opened; what lay ahead was not a room, but a world full of opportunities. Little did he know that few years from now, he would be taking his tech unicorn company, Nutanix public.


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