AFour Technologies: Transforming Mobility through Automation

Subodh Parulekar,Co-Founder & CEO

Subodh Parulekar

Co-Founder & CEO

In today's digital era, most enterprises are focused on extending their workspace beyond the four walls of the office. Everyone is looking for ways to work remotely from their own comfort space. Mobile applications play a crucial role in providing this accessibility. However, "Once you leave the safe confines of office space, data security becomes a very important aspect," identifies Subodh Parulekar, Co-Founder and CEO, AFour Technologies. AFour's experience in designing secure applications coupled with their penetration testing expertise help in identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities early. He explains that, companies are spending an enormous amount of time and money in legacy regression testing activities and hosting the testing activities in-house to minimize risk to corporate security and compliance. Washington based AFour Technologies, a 360 degrees product engineering services company, brings in their extensive experience in automating tests while safeguarding the security of the customer's systems and data. "We solved the customer's problem through an innovative "Companies that are investing in developing their own mobile labs
are fast realizing that maintaining a lab and keeping it up-to-date is cumbersome," says Parulekar. AFour Technologies provides companies an innovative mobile automation lab that approach that integrates customer systems with our offshore Mobile device lab enabling secure and seamless product development and testing,"states Parulekar.

We leverage our experience of architecting and designing enterprise apps, to assist our customers in meeting their business goals

helps them execute their automation tests remotely with connected devices. With more than eight years of experience in a variety of test automation projects, the team at AFour Technologies has developed a test automation methodology that starts with a phase involving considerable planning and strategizing. By adopting this approach, the company helps customers concentrate on the business aspect of the software rather than worrying about the testing side.

Additionally, AFour Technologies' engineering service stack includes product and quality engineering services, where the company develops mobile apps using application-building solutions such as, Xamar in and Phone gap. The company performs functional, performance, scalability, and security testing of mobile apps as
well. AFour Technologies further executes several compatibility and interop testing, and functional automation testing using third party tools. "We use "Selenium Grid" to reduce execution time of the entire test suite which also reduces regression test time by two-thirds of the actual time and in turn results in an 80 percent overall cost reduction in regression testing," shares Parulekar.

"We leverage our experience of architecting and designing enterprise apps, to assist our customers in meeting their business goals," says Parulekar. In one such implementation highlight, AFour Technologies had worked with a leading American MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution provider, helping them address production issues. The client was troubled with issues pertaining to build certification and releasing of software for multiple devices. Their product was undergoing periodic changes in its workflow that further delayed the whole release cycle. AFour Technologies aided the customer by preparing a regression test strategy and prioritized the test cases for automation. "We introduced a process to regularly scrub test cases in order to optimize the regression tests," extols Parulekar.

"In order to build something meaningful and worth while, taking risks is as important as dreaming big,"smiles Parulekar. For the road ahead, A Four Technologies is bringing new accelerators, frameworks, and solutions in the IoT domain covering sensors, devices, protocols, gateways, and analytics in the cloud. In the long run, the company plans to customize its solutions for specific verticals like automotive industry.