Boston Technology Corporation: Client-Engaging Mobile Solutions

Ranjani Rao ,CEOEnterprise mobility has become an unprecedented catalyst for the improvement of organizational processes, customer services and many other key aspects of modern business. The emergence of mobile devices and channels has become a game-changing opportunity for firms to drive strategic and tactical business. As growing number of companies adopt mobility, they are faced with significant issues. In addition to this, the huge influx of devices causes concerns over the protection of corporate data. This is where Boston Technology steps in. The MA based firm is a'one stop shop'for enterprise mobile and web solutions."Designing and developing apps in an enterprise ecosystem is often a technically challenging task. We have helped our clients with the entire gamut of services from mobile strategy and readiness assessment to implementation. This experience helps us provide a unified view of all mobility initiatives to our clients," begins Ranjini Rao,CEO,Boston Technology.

The ever-changing mobile
landscape has undergone a myriad
of changes that today pave way to lay emphasis on adequate security measures-proper access to the corporate network at every level. Boston Technology's mobile solution is based on IBM Mobile First Platform and SAP Mobile Platform which enables clients to identify established reusable assets, net new assets, and potential reusable assets. With the IBM Mobile First Platform Foundation, clients can ensure secure access and an integrated management console with direct updates.

We have helped our clients with the entire gamut of services from mobile strategy and readiness assessment to implementation

Boston Technology's flagship product Sales 360 mobile platform is designed to provide key information to their clients after collating from different backend systems. Clients can work efficiently and proactively by analyzing pipeline reports and creating a plan to meet sales objectives. The seamless back-end integration enables clients to acquire data from various CRM and ERP, SAP, and more.

With the help of the mobile solution, clients can review the readiness of the system for mobility adoption and spot specific initiatives. The company's app
care solution allows clients to improve their solution based on customer feedback by adding more customized features to their apps. Clients can utilize the Mobile Application Management(MAM) solution to obtain more granular controls and enhance data security.

The mobile testing strategy of the company reduces testing costs and improves time to market for the app. With the help of the testing plan, testing engineers can choose the right automation methods and tools that can cover different types of test coverage. The firm makes use of the functional testing to verify mobile application for meeting the functional requirements of the app along with the client's business objectives.

The comprehensive mobile solutions of Boston Technology were leveraged by Cloud9-a leading chain of hotels and resorts, to build a scalable and extensible mobile solution. The app allowed the client to manage their guests and ensure access to customized information to enjoy personalized hospitality. With the help of the web-based two-tier solution, the client was able to manage every hotel through their smartphone along with the guest.

In the days to come, Boston Technology will focus on embracing the changing spectrum of mobile solutions to enable clients acquire heightened business productivity. The firm also plans to integrate more features and streamline their solutions to offer seamless mobile security solution to the users.