CipherCloud: Spearheading Cloud Security

Cloud computing is a business imperative today to stay ahead amid the cutthroat competition. The compelling advantages provided by cloud lures the attention of many organizations. However, security issues such as insecure APIs, malware, hijacking of accounts, and data breaches are plaguing the cloud ecosystem.

Enter CipherCloud, an organization that provides a holistic solution to security issues pertaining to the cloud landscape while preserving usability, functionality, and performance. CipherCloud’s solutions and services offer a comprehensive set of protection controls that includes encryption, tokenization, activity monitoring, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and malware detection. The firm’s CipherCloud Trust Platform, is a robust and innovative Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution. CipherCloud Trust Platform actively monitors anomalies in the cloud network, ensures data sovereignty by enforcing compliance policies, and helps protect sensitive data through encryption and tokenization.

CipherCloud has helped to establish customer-controlled encryption as a best practice for many cloud applications

Recently, CipherCloud introduced a new mobile app that extends customer-controlled encryption to devices downloading sensitive data and files from cloud applications.
Pravin Kothari,Founder, Chairman & CEO

Pravin Kothari

Founder, Chairman & CEO

CipherCloud is one of the foremost CASB vendors to develop an integrated mobile app, extending adaptive policy controls and end-to-end encryption from businesses, to the cloud, and the mobile user.

“CipherCloud has helped to establish customer-controlled encryption as a best practice for many cloud applications,” says Pravin Kothari, Founder, and CEO of CipherCloud. “In the light of security and data compliance concerns troubling the cloud landscape, we’ve taken critical steps, enabling businesses to maintain control over sensitive cloud data, even when it leaves the cloud and is in use on mobile devices.”

With continued excellence in cloud security landscape, CipherCloud’s solution has been implemented across many industries such as banking, insurance, financial service, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, supply chain, telecommunication, and government. The firm has earned customers’ confidence through adept customer service and outstanding product deployment.
In one such case, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) wanted to leverage Salesforce to increase their data sharing capabilities across different geographic locations. However, the increasing incidents of security breaches, especially in the cloud ecosystem, made them reluctant to adopt Salesforce. The bank then deployed CipherCloud’s solution for Salesforce, which strengthens security with AES 256-bit encryption, and also applies to multiple sensitive fields. They also integrated CipherCloud Salesforce solution with an email gateway to streamline communication. Through a single platform, BTMU now supports multiple cloud applications, all of which are managed with a variety of security options that suit their needs. Solidifying the security with encryption and tokenization, BTMU has levied data protection measures at grass root level. By moving many of their critical systems to the cloud, the bank gained dramatic benefits both internally in the form of cost savings, and externally with the ability to provide customers all the advantages of flexible communication through an easy to access as well as secure portal.

According to many industry experts, the cloud computing market is gaining more traction and is growing exponentially. However, cloud vendors should ensure that security concerns in the cloud landscape are taken care of. To that end, CipherCloud’s solutions ensure effective governance of cloud data, manage security terms in service agreement, and understand the security requirements of the exit process.