CoreView: Connecting SMAC to the Unique Requirements of Organizations

Abhay Ranade,Promoter Director

Abhay Ranade

Promoter Director

Technological advancements have impacted almost every aspect of the day-to-day life, and made it a fast-paced world. Along with improving quality of life, the technological impacts have been remarkable in the business arena. Empowered by these advancements, the present ways of conducting business have distanced themselves from the conventional approach. One among the most influential trends is the combination of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). The opportunities associated with SMAC are different for established ventures and start-ups. For instance, in case of new ventures, the technology is helpful in creating and incorporating apps to cloud for quick access, whereas existing ventures increase their efficiency and reach with SMAC. Therefore, there should be the capability to utilize SMAC so as to best-fit individual organizational strategies. Chelmsford, Massachusetts based technology engineering leader, CoreView offers the expertise and offerings to enable enterprises to take advantage of the SMAC stack. CoreView understands the unique needs of enterprises and has developed technology expertise and solutions accordingly, so as to enable enterprises to effectively explore the SMAC possibilities for outstanding business outcomes.

The firm led by Abhay Ranade,Promoter Director, currently focuses on potential aspects including eMobility, Big
Data, Social collaboration, Product Engineering,Cloud Enablement and Quality Services.

Enabling Purpose-specific Approach
For existing businesses, main concerns are associated with data security. However, there exist a few additional challenges such as making the required data available on the fly, effectively interacting with existing applications, exploring emerging solutions without disrupting the existing ones, and matching customer expectations around usability on devices. At the same time, new entrants have other concerns to tackle. Often, there is no clarity on market requirements, due to continuous changes. They need proof of concepts to establish viability and prototypes to gather customer feedback. It is important to quickly enter the market with new products with unique features; however it is challenging to decide the minimum set of features that needs to go in.

The expert team at CoreView focuses on providing stand-out and most-apt solutions by bringing in the right platforms, process and experience into the scenario to consistently exceed customer�s expectations, with a clear understanding on individual organizational concerns�, explains Ranade. In the past few years, CoreView has successfully developed unique solutions to solve diverse business problems by perfectly leveraging the SMAC.

Going to the Core of the Problem
CoreView, incepted in 2011, has always shown a strict adherence to their vision, i.e Delivering Products and Services that delight the Customer�s Customer. What has been most remarkable about the company is the unique approach to the problems to come up with effective solutions. The problem is assessed to the core, and through an innovative approach, solutions are arrived upon. The team has a fascination for challenges, be it developing the mobile apps which
could communicate with servers even in the absence of internet, or developing a system bestowed with the capability to respond to 50,000 requests per second.

The delivery team at the firm takes a holistic view of the customer�s requirements in designing a solution perfectly optimized to meet expenditure, plans and quality requisites by customers. This unique and detail-oriented yet comprehensive approach has enabled CoreView to serve several of the leading multinational organizations spread across continents.

Milestones Resulted from Hardwork
For CoreView, the emphasis is always on ease of use and end-user experience. The much appreciated service queue management platform named TokenJunction, from CoreView was the end-result of this concept. TokenJunction was specifically designed for use in niche markets. Today, the platform proudly serves thousands of customers as a SaaS platform, which has several queue management applications built on it. Many of these customers are not well-versed technology, yet find TokenJunction an easy-to-use product, which is scalable and open to incorporation of more apps.

Another much-followed product from CoreView is their Social Networking Platform, a solution aimed at bringing people with common thoughts together to develop communities, incorporating technology into the whole process. The platform can be advantageous to customers from different backgrounds. It could be a large organization with employees in groups or an institute with students from different disciplines or a social services group working on a specific topic. The platform also encourages its members to share valuable information about activities and events, with a closed community so as to benefit from each other's work in specific area.