DataCaliper LLC : Leash Data, Unleash Decisions

Ramkumar Jeyaraman,CTOIn today's digitally driven world, everything from marketing promotion to business intelligence revolve around data. However, unleashing the real value out of the humongous volumes of data is easier said than done.

Enter DataCaliper, the Cary, NC Headquartered Company that brings in the diamond-edge precision of a Caliper into the process of realizing the potential that lies within the data.

"The biggest challenge we faced in our early years was from clients not understanding the true potential of data," says Ramkumar Jeyaraman, CTO at DataCaliper. "When we asked organizations to list their assets, it always, only contained buildings, materials and employees. Data was nowhere in the picture. That is the very notion we wanted to change," he says. DataCaliper has helped several CIOs and companies realize the true potential of their data and extracted valuable insights from it. "Our custom algorithms aggregate data from different sources and we push it through a pipeline architecture to cleanse, consolidate, store and mine that data for relevant information." remarks Ram. "Long before data analytics and data scientists came into the scenario we were actually extracting insights from data. Data is our bread and butter," he adds.

Focus on Data Quality
The very slogan of DataCaliper, "Leash Data Unleash Decisions" shows the company's commitment towards capturing data in its various forms and extracting insights out of it for business advantages. The key factor that helps with insight extraction lies in the quality of data collected. Hence it is important to clean data at the point of source itself. "If dirty data enters the system and manifests
itself, it becomes very difficult to extract value out of it," says Ram. DataCaliper recommends a comprehensive Data Architecture and Data Governance mechanisms as the foundation for any data initiative. The Data Architecture should focus on data end to end, starting from Metadata, Data Capture, Data Persistence, MDM (Master Data Management), Data Governance, ETL, Data Retrieval and Data Archival. Additionally, DataCaliper also provides companies with data quality governance framework to help them establish data quality road map and monitoring.

Data Standards Adoption
"DataCaliper's focus on data solutions is horizontal and applicable to any vertical, whether Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial or Government. The problems faced by businesses are similar. However, the solutions vary depending on the industry standards for data. For example, CROs adopt the CDISC standard. Many of our clients are CROs and we help them with statistical programs and applications to clean data and make sure that they are getting it in the CDISC format," says Ram. Similarly, to meet the life insurance industry standards, the company offers data that suites the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD)the insurance industry's nonprofit standards developer. "Organizations look at us as an enabler to standards adoption. We provide the solutions and act as the catalyst." quips Ram.

Leveraging data expertise to build Enterprise Applications
DataCaliper has leveraged its data expertise to build SaaS based web-applications which the company hosts on Amazon Cloud Services. "We are obviously a leader in the Data Management sphere with a solid reputation. Building on that expertise, we've started a tangent product development group and have about ten products in the pipeline catering to different consumer needs. They are in various stages of development," says Ram. Currently DataCaliper has three SaaS solutions available, Reentry Software for Offender Case Management, Care Assist for Home Health Management, and RIPPLE which is an Email/Campaign management
solution. "We have some exciting social media apps coming out shortly and are thrilled at the prospect of one of our apps hitting it big in the market." says Ram.

Staying Relevant
In spite of new players in this market, DataCaliper has continued to be a successful organization adding many new clients and employees. "We stay ahead of our competition by staying relevant. While our core business is Data Management, we also provide solutions for Web Development, Architecture, Staffing, Education, Consulting, Outsourcing, etc., because we listen to our customers. The typical business argument is to say "no" and focus on one single service. While conceptually it sounds nice, practically it doesn't hold good. The needs of modern customers are complex. When they come to us with integrated problems, we need to be in a position to provide integrated solutions, and that's exactly what we do. We focus on one thing, and that's our customer." says Ram with an assertive smile.

Data and Devices
Data from devices, such as thermostats, security systems, servers, POS systems, handheld devices, etc. are growing tremendously and DataCaliper has already begun tapping that market. "We have a small R&D lab where we build Data Influenced Devices. We called these DIDs. These are devices that take instructions, not based on a Boolean instruction, but on the basis of the outcome of collective data analysis. In other words, we're putting the insights we've extracted, back into the pipeline to make better decisions. It's a continuum driven by data. While the industry is yet to adopt this concept, we're already making inroads in building solutions for this market."

Road ahead
"In the coming years we want to focus on providing solutions, not only as a service provider, but also as a product vendor. Our goal is to have a balanced portfolio of services and products. We want to stay at the forefront of Data Management. We've already been complimented for being thought leaders in this industry. We believe our solutions will create positive impact for consumers' worldwide," concludes Ram