Enziime: Driving Healthcare Innovation

Dr. Sreedhar V. Potarazu,Founder,CEO& President

Dr. Sreedhar V. Potarazu

Founder,CEO& President

As a passionate doctor, Dr. Sreedhar V. Potarazu Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President at Enziime carried out an in-depth research on ways to generate value out of the vast medical database, clinical trials and digitized patient records. After an exhaustive analysis, Potarazu concluded that these unstructured statistics and stores of health-care knowledge can accelerate innovations, improving medical care and reducing costs. With the idea to harness the power of data at scale, data science, and deep healthcare expertise to improve the quality of healthcare services, Enziime came onto the fore. The company extracts relevant value from medical claims, pharmacy claims, and search data to help predict outcomes that will reduce healthcare costs and change the models of treatment delivery for healthcare payers and providers, and pharma and life sciences firms. "We use a proprietary grid of data connectors, skilled resources and industry expertise to extract, transform, and load data from disparate sources, producing outputs to support initiatives," says

"Pertaining to big data for healthcare, there is no one stop shop for every client, as they have different requirements and challenges. We fill this gap by optimizing our solutions for each client based on the discussions about their need," cites Potarazu. Enziime treasures the capability to convert complex information rapidly into proactive solutions leading to continuous member engagement, lower costs, and improved health outcomes. As a catalyst for healthcare improvement, Enziime's Data Optimizer solution offers expertise, advanced technology, and skilled resources to support data management throughout its lifecycle. Turning customer relationships into agreements, the company gains the right to access their available data. Following that, Enziime's sophisticated conversion engine cleans, maps, and loads clinical and non-clinical healthcare data accurately and cost-effectively. The data pool is then enriched with information related to demographics, lifestyle information, and behavioral insights for a complete view. Using these data, Enziime streamlines processes for integrating and optimizing information that can be used in health management programs and reporting. The data optimization of specific population trends enables organizations to allocate resources effectively.

Not so long ago, Enziime worked with a pharmaceutical company, which was struggling to perform analysis for a certain drug. On reaching out to Enziime,the
company was able to assist them to focus on locations for their clinics based test trials of that drug. Enziime leveraged its datasets to conduct a population analysis to deliver the desired result to the firm. In another instance, the company has successfully assisted an insurance firm to discover geographies to expand into, with minimum marketing efforts for their medical products.

On the other side of the coin, members are accountable and responsible for their healthcare decisions and hence need appropriate information to make those choices. Enziime creates member engagement through transparency, decision support, and insight, allowing them to obtain services cost, and medical records in one place. The company's Consumer Connector platform presents all the significant information to enable members to access their complete health profiles and effectively navigate the healthcare system. At the same time, it also benefits executives with data and tools to create meaningful engagement with their members to facilitate better services. Each new customer and segment that the company collaborates with, leads to a micro innovation as it involves creating of new product based on their requirements. At present, Enziime is working on new solutions that will enable customers to access to real time big data information of the healthcare world. Saying that, Potarazu aims to be a disruptor and develop Enziime as a one-stop shop solution provider to different healthcare companies, first in the U.S. and later globally.