Fuzzy Logix: A Game-Changing In-house Database Analytics

Partha Sen,Founder & CEO

Partha Sen

Founder & CEO

If data holds the secrets to better business decisions, then advanced analytics is the means to getting data to reveal that information. With traditional systems, businesses can no longer afford to manually move data to separate analytics servers for analysis. North Carolina headquartered software intelligence company-Fuzzy Logix feels the sea-change in the way organizations are harnessing the potential of data and analytics and feels it is better to do it 'in situ', where it happens, inside the database. By creating data architecture that unifies disparate data and embeds best-of-breed analytics within it, Fuzzy Logix knocked down the barriers to critical business insights with remarkable speed and consistency.

"Fuzzy Logix ensures that analytics are performed where the data resides-'in-database' analytics significantly reduce processing times," says Partha Sen, Founder and CEO, Fuzzy Logix. The firm's flagship product, DB Lytix-an indatabase analytics product
develops high-performance analytics solutions for big data-without movement of data, resulting in enormous processing efficiencies. This cost effective solution gives a huge advantage for analysts-eliminating the need for data extraction, middle-tier analytics servers, redundant data storage, or additional hardware installations."

We have integrated a potent analytics tool like DB Lytix with Teradata Cloud to help customers of all sizes to take in-database analytics beyond an emerging trend-with improved throughput and performance," comments Sen. On Teradata Database as a Service, DB Lytix provides a library of around 700 functions in a variety of areas, such as: statistical analysis, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, data mining, time series analysis, text mining, financial analysis, and more.

Realizing the millions of data scientists, statisticians and analysts using R language-which is today's standard for powerful predictive analytics, the firm enhanced its database capabilities by developing AdapteR for XML data analysis, accelerated performance with geospatial data, and extended temporal analytics. AdapteR-a versatile and advanced analytics suite is specifically designed to bring parallel R into the database and making it accessible to even more users for building interactive analytics at scale with few lines of R code. It also enables the R syntax to seamlessly leverage DB Lytix indatabase analytics, without requiring complicated R
server installations or writing custom SQL.

A further benefit of the DB Lytix approach is that all advanced analytics are executed on the entire database rather than on a limited sample, which results in more accurate models in certain cases-making analytics easy, pervasive, and available in real-time. For instance, Trident Marketing-a multi-channel direct response company that operates its call centers worldwide, felt to effectively to better sell their products and reduce the risk of what is called "churn," or customer turnover. Trident required changes in its approach to data management through an advanced analytics engine for improving chances that customers would stay with their offerings long after the sale by processing all the analytical data in real time where the data was residing. Trident turned to Fuzzy Logix to shove better information into the sales process via in-memory database analytics with improved churn rates and also helped return gross profit to the bottom line.

Proven to help firms-make smarter decisions and increase effectiveness, Fuzzy Logix works on to revamp its products and solutions for assisting highly innovative companies who are trying to deploy analytics and create competitive advantage. "Since the application of analytics on big data is the future and we are planning to proceed in funding R&D and expand our customer coverage throughout the world," concludes Sen.