GoECart: Powering Ecommerce Businesses Worldwide

Manish Chowdhary,CEOAs the world of commerce continues to change, retailers want to provide their customers a consistent and meaningful experience - across every channel, every time. Any retailer or ecommerce portal has issues with website uptime and page load speed which results in lost sales and inferior brand representation. Their legacy systems typically will have little or no reporting capabilities, unsatisfactory integration with promotional and transactional emails and it sometimes takes them months to make the upgrades or changes, which dramatically stifles growth and innovation. Companies usually have to rely on many third party tools just to stay current.

Enter GoECart. GoECart's solution totally eliminates the need for disparate third-party tools and complex integration, thereby improving customer experience and reducing costs at the same time. GoECart enables multi-channel retailers to sell more efficiently across all customer touch points. These include web storefronts, "brick-and-mortar" stores, contact centers, mail order catalogs, and the leading online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

"Our mission is simple: to empower small but emerging brands and established mid-sized merchants with cutting edge omni-channel commerce technology that allows them to effectively compete and win even in the most competitive markets," says Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart.

Chowdhary founded the company in the year 2000 in his dorm room at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. For over a decade, Chowdhary has guided GoECart to become one of the most admired ecommerce platform providers in the world. With his team of passionate ecommerce experts, Chowdhary fosters a culture of innovation and thought leadership that keeps clients at the forefront of ecommerce. Today hundreds of retailers of all shapes and sizes rely on GoECart to execute on their vision.

With his expertise in the areas of ecommerce, entrepreneurship , business strategy and execution,
and online marketing, Chowdhary is often helping other entrepreneurs learn and grow their businesses. "Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats, so finding time to learn how all pieces of an e-commerce business fit together is challenging," says Chowdhary.

There is an array of e-commerce platform options for young e-retailers. That means new online merchants with big ideas but small budgets face a common challenge: how can they find feature-rich and easy-to-use ecommerce platforms that can push their sales to the max? "A lot of our merchants are coming from an existing online store, and they have hit a bottle neck or they are not able to grow further. What's happening is that expectations for any online store is driven by some of the larger sites on the internet like and because as a consumer, you expect the same kind of performance and the same kind of sophistication from any website that you go to," says Chowdhary.

That is where GoECart shines. "We provide the right point of technology, infrastructure, and services to help merchants sell more," he adds. It helps companies provide the same rich, immersive user experience offered by leading internet destinations. "Our solution is comparable to the one offered by IBM or Net Suite, without the complexities of long implementation cycles and high cost," says Chowdhary.

GoECart 360
The company's flagship product GoECart 360 is a cloud-based, all-in one multi-channel ecommerce suite that combines ecommerce storefront technology with the bells and whistles of today's enterprise-class order and inventory management, fulfillment and warehouse management, and customer relationship management (CRM). Additionally,the platform has flexible APIs that support integration to multiple systems. For instance, it can integrate seamlessly with the supply chain management system of the client's logistics partner. "GoECart 360 is the only integrated software suite designed to unify every step of multi-channel commerce," extols Chowdhary.

GoECart 360 is loaded with best in-class mobile e-commerce solutions native to the suite, which removes the requirement of third party applications. The platform also boosts omni-channel commerce features like a store locator, buy-online-pickup-in-store,ship from store, store inventory visibility, and associate ordering. Further, its advanced multi-destination order capability targets corporate shoppers and
gifting sites, enabling customers to place online orders for items and have them delivered to their entire address book using a onepage checkout. "In short, we offer our clients an unbeatable value for their ecommerce investment," he adds.

Delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), GoECart 360 eliminates the infrastructure requirements for clients while taking care of the security issues associated with the cloud. "Being born in the cloud, our platform stands for flexibility and performance while keeping close handles on security as well as compliance," says Chowdhary. This has helped GoECart spread its wings across many industries- including apparel and accessories, flowers, gifts and collectibles, consumer electronics, furniture, and more. For instance Junonia, a pure-play apparel brand manufacturer and retailer, needed advanced marketing and CRM capabilities; robust fulfillment functionality fully integrated with purchasing and returns; along with enhanced inventory and warehouse management tools such as barcode, drop-ship and backorder. Junonia found their answer in GoECart's all in-one ecommerce suite GoECart 360. The platform consolidated the client's four point legacy system to one fully integrated and easily scalable solution. It also replaced Junonia's old order management system in just 36 days with zero downtime and no loss of historical data. As a result, for the client, the ecommerce website conversion rate was skyrocketed by whopping 26 percent in 2014; revenues grew by 24 percent over the previous year; and average order value was up 22 percent. "As we grew over the years, we had ended up creating a patchwork of disparate point solutions which was a serious drag on the business. Today, with GoECart 360 handling all aspects of our business, we're focused on driving just revenues and profitability," said Anne Kelly, Founder and CEO at

Going forward, being a forward thinker and innovator, Chowdhary wants to make GoECart an active participant in the rapidly growing e-commerce markets like India, China, and countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe. "It makes sense for GoECart to have a bigger presence in these geographies," says Chowdhary. The company is also looking forward to advance its mobile applications, as mobile is playing a bigger role in the e-commerce with an expected $153 Billion sales by 2019 in the U.S. alone. Also, with an incredible amount of e-commerce data the company has collected over years, GoECart wants to enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities of its solutions to offer intelligence covering entire customer lifecycle.