Gravitant: Making Effective Utilization of Cloud An Accessible Reality

Mohammad Farooq,CEO & Chairman

Mohammad Farooq

CEO & Chairman

The excitement around cloud has been steadily growing over the recent years, with the technology impacting transformations in a variety of sectors. However, in spite of the huge potential with cloud, it remains a struggle for several industry players to select a best-fit strategy to effectively explore the ever-expanding cloud domain in accordance with the enterprise needs. These firms are in search of ways to make rational decisions regarding hosting of applications and workloads. The Austin, Texas based firm Gravitant, led by

Mohammad Farooq, CEO & Chairman, has received accolades from industry leaders for coming up with solutions for optimizing cloud consumption, thereby empowering value-added approach towards perfect utilization of cloud.

The 2004 founded software provider, is uniquely positioned in the domain of cloud services brokerage and management for leading organizations, cloud and sls providers. The exceptional services enabled at the firm are in adherence with the organization's mission, i.e to enable enterprise IT to meet with the business goals through optimization of cloud, for responsiveness, agility, cost-effectiveness and higher service levels.

Gravitant created ripples in the sector with their flagship software product itself, the CloudMatrix, released in 2011. CloudMatrix, is the most successful as well as production-hardened Solution for cloud services brokerage and management among the currently

available solutions in the market. The solution has multi-billion dollar organizations spread across theglobe as its followers, who are looking for strategies that enable effective exploration of cloud services and delivery of IT-as-a-Service.

Gravitant delivers a single unified user interface enabling clients to devise, organize, provision and manage the entire cloud services in an uninterrupted process that can be recalibrated at any time.

At the time of inception, Gravitant was an IT consulting firm, which within a span of five years, turned a product company, which had the goal of enabling IT firms explore cloud computing in every possible ways through optimized choice and control.

The team of experts at Gravitant has profitably commercialized industry-leading B2B Commerce, SOA platforms and Marketplaces with fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Commerce One and SAP.