ICONSOFT Inc: Delivering Effective Solutions for the Fortune 500 and the Mid-Market Industries

Ravi Meruva Ph.D.,PresidentEfficient management of resources has proved to be the mantra for success for most businesses, especially for the service oriented organizations. Consulting business is as much about operational excellence as it is about the resources that you pivot the business on. Drivers of growth in service sector not only comes from talent acquisition and but also by their retention and this is where the spirit of entrepreneurship plays a critical role.

People have always loved to work for their own self and on course, want to be the decision makers. ICONSOFT established in 1998, has recognized this and has provided the freedom to its employees to choose the projects that interest them. ICONSOFT always views itself as an ensemble of 150 freelancers under one corporate umbrella.

The team at ICONSOFT is a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial natures striving to deliver efficient, effective and quality solutions on time and every time. And the firm too has been highly valuing its team, "Simply put, Our only strength and success formula is our resources", is one of the key thought process, ICONSOFT's management follows towards its employees. ICONSOFT follows four basic principles: pay every employee on time, promptly respond to every email, attend and answer every call and follow the "employment at will" clause. The employment contract at the firm does not have any restrictive covenants and maintains an open door policy. By taking care of these basic things, allows the employee
to concentrate more on the project deliverables. Today ICONSOFT has grown from a single employee in 1998 to 150 today and has been honored as the INC. 5000 fastest growing companies for the consecutive years 2012 and 2013.

A Steady Growth
One of the core principles and fundamentals that ICONSOFT was built upon was organic and sustainable growth, staying away from irrational exuberance of rapid expansion and eventual fall. Being steady and stability as its core principles, ICONSOFT has positioned itself as one of the most promising consulting companies in the US. Its revenue growth as well as the employee base has been steadily increasing every year since its inception and even during the 2001 and 2008 recession the firm has continued to grow in every aspect of the business. Currently Iconsoft stands as a USD 20 million company with much more anticipation for future growth.

Serving Many of the Fortune 500
ICONSOFT Inc. primarily has been providing project consulting and IT staffing services to various clients across the United States. Operating in more than 25 states within the US serving several direct clients like Dow Jones, USDA, Belkins, Tufts Health Plan, Scholastics, Parker Hannifin, Trulia, it has successfully delivered multimillion dollar projects for several clients during its tenure.

The firm specializes in Application Development and Maintenance, Database Management & Support, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Enterprise application integration (EAI), Mobile Solutions& App development, ERP, CRM, LAMP based solutions and Cloud development.

Finding Potential Markets
Being aware of the market landscape and the value that present industry is bringing the firm has walked that extra mile to diversify its services post the 2001 dotcom bubble and 2008 financial/insurance meltdown. 2008-2012 saw demand for the mobile application as the Smartphone became the mainstream necessity. First content moved to mobile
followed by e-commerce and today making a mobile app for every web application is a prerequisite. From technology front, many of clients are into mobile development and responsive web applications and amidst all these developments, ICONSOFT has been continually equipping to meet the demands of these clients by investing in resource training and capturing talent in these areas.

The firm has found great traction in the healthcare sector since the introduction of Affordable healthcare act and has also observed great affinity for sales force and cloud computing.

With Infinite opportunities in technology space, ICONSOFT Inc. has recently ventured in in-house development projects, as well as started working on securing certified partnerships from IT giants like Cognizant, Deloitte, Teksystem, Microsoft, Google and Oracle. In the last year, ICONSOFT Inc. has developed workforce system that streamlines resource on-boarding, resource time entry system, contract management and has also been working on launching a service portal that connects IT resources, vendors, clients and students to help each other out.

Exploring the Road Map through 'Consulting'
ICONSOFT has envisioned a strategic view for its future endeavors. In the consulting space, the firm plans to target to equip its resources on Mobile development and NoSQL solutions to meet the emerging demand from several clients.

In addition to this, in the consulting space, ICONSOFT has been venturing into developing service based portal that connect multiple entities in IT consulting world. When asked to shed more light on this, Ravi Meruva, President, ICONSOFT Inc said "We know the target audience for this portal and we are currently analyzing similar products in the market space and working on solutions for the business problems these products haven't attempted addressing. This portal will help open up several avenues for us to grow stronger and bigger".