iHealth Ventures LLC: Exploring the Possibilities of Technology-driven Healthcare

Saurabh Kumar,Co-Founder & CEO

Saurabh Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO

The emergence of Health apps has been touted as a significant step towards strengthening the mobile health sector. These Health apps enable instant actions and decisions on a healthy life, by bringing health related updates and medical information directly into ones' hands. According to surveys, the mobile health market is growing beyond expectations, and it is estimated that within a span of five years, about 50 percent of mobile consumers would have downloaded mobile health apps. Several users have already started getting medical assistance in selecting the most suitable apps. The encouraging environment puts the spotlight on mobile health apps firms with exceptional and proven potential to transform lives with latest and elaborate suggestions, tips and advices on nutrition, health and wellness. Here, the Parsippany, NJ based mobile health apps provider iHealth Ventures, fits in as the perfect example.

iHealth Ventures, led by Saurabh Kumar, CEO, empowers a specialized approach towards mHealth solutions for patient engagement, enabling stand-out care coordination and population health management by leveraging smartphones and sensors technology. Their health apps deliver patient-centric care by facilitating timely patient-provider communication through feedback on patient progress, notification alerts, medication reminders, physician recommended goals as well as patient education.

The firm understands that consumers have varied preferences such as losing weight, tracking
health and fitness, adapting to the perfect nutrition strategies or many others. This awareness has been the foundation for the hard-core attempts oriented towards enabling consumers to scrutinize their health conditions, enhance recovery and simplify chronic diseases for better health management.

The firm, over the years, has been catering to leading enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies. The massive client base also comprises of pharmaceutical firms, advertising and communication agencies in the health sector, weight loss centers, diet & nutrition clinics as well as health conscious consumers. Prospective clients include medical device companies and health insurance companies.

Banking Upon an Industry-driven Approach
iHealth Ventures has always tried to successfully tackle the major concerns in the industry. For instance, the typical process of recording patient information is done in paper forms. However, with iHealth Ventures, it is a much more simplified process as smartphones and tablets are incorporated in the procedure. The process accompanies high-level cost reduction as well.

In recent times, many diseases have unhealthy diets, lack of exercise and obesity as the root-cause. At iHealth Ventures, there is an emphasis on identifying the underlying reasons and clinicians are provided with access to patient data for early intervention to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat chronic diseases.

Another aspect perfectly addressed at iHealth Ventures is the adherence to medication, by enabling e-reminders on medication, especially for patients with chronic diseases. The firm is also attentive towards the rising cost of treatment for such diseases and strongly believes mobile technology can be used to encourage patient adherence to treatment plans, incentivizing better healthcare outcomes and cost saving measures through
Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

"We have strong belief in providing people with crucial interactive solutions for nutrition, health and wellness. iHealth Ventures founders have strong commitment towards sustainable development and innovative partnerships so as to enable social development in developing nations," says Kumar.

Enabling a Healthy Lifestyle with Stand-out Products
The innovative mobile solutions from the firm are oriented towards effective management of relationship with patients, patient engagement, care co-ordination and population health management. The fully customizable platform employed at iHealth Ventures enables faster development of mobile apps with adherence to privacy, security and operability standards.

The patient engagement solutions provided by the firm include medication adherence/medication reminders, caregiver tools, provision to access electronic health records, scheduling of appointments, health and wellness mobile apps.

The mobile/cloud based platform is ideally suited for medical researchers to design, launch and manage research studies by gathering data of patients.

The remote patient monitoring platform, helps in monitoring key health indicators of chronic disease patients.

iDiabetesTM is yet another stand-out contribution from iHealth Ventures, which serves as the platform for diabetics management, by delivering the most efficient and effective patient care to a diabetes patient by improving information flow among patients and caregivers. Throughout the process, there is utmost focus on the behavior changes in patients.

Saurabh Kumar is positive and has elaborate and future-oriented plans for health intelligence analytics and turning data insights into action.