Kavayah Solutions Inc: Pioneering an Integrated Approach to Develop e-Business Applications

"There is a Big Data revolution," says Vivek Casula, President and CEO, Kavayah Solutions. But it is not the quantity of data that is revolutionary. "The Big Data evolution is that now companies can gain more actionable insights from data while maintaining business-as-usual systems," he adds. With judicious blend of business analysis, architecture, design practices and latest technology, Kavayah is providing innovative and value driven Big Data solutions that is helping companies store, process and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

"We determine the Big Data technology solution that best benefits the unique needs of the business. And our extensive expertise in relational and non-relational databases combined with our experience implementing Big Data and NoSQL technologies enable us to develop reliable solutions that empower customers to capture and store Big Data to be used and analyzed at any time," explains Casula.

"At Kavayah, we don't just develop technology," claims Casula. "Our vision is to be a corporation whose solutions represent the best of IT world-implementing forward-thinking technology, while enhancing project with a best-in-class team that thrives on ensuring success." To fulfill this mission, the company takes a global approach, providing information technology services and leveraging corporate best practices. "We also search far and wide to hire a globally integrated team of business and technology experts. And our engineering team works with proven, scalable, and maintainable software design and architecture. This brings the finest solutions and practices together, connecting them at pre-defined touch points rather than contiguously; promoting independence and identity of each group."

The Cornerstone
Kavayah delivers specialized, cutting-edge, synergistic solutions that enable decision making for businesses. "We provide world-class technology services by
constantly exploring and implementing innovative solutions that drive long term value to our customers. And we have long-standing and vibrant partnerships with many companies across the globe-strategically positioned to help customers achieve a significant business advantage, while equipping them with that vital technical edge," notes Casula. "This dual emphasis helps us create real business value for our customers, every step of the way."

The cornerstone of Kavayah's business is an integrated approach to e-business development. "We provide the strategy and resources needed to help businesses establish processes, leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency. We analyze a project and define its goals, and plan a detailed roadmap to achieve the goals. By following a rigorous and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing software projects, we turn concepts into reality," notes Casula. "Not only do we develop and implement world class e-business applications; we partner with clients to ensure that their businesses succeed. And this is why many clients have turned to Kavayah for assistance."

Kavayah delivers enterprise-level systems just as successfully, efficiently, and cost-effectively as it does with smaller applications or products. In addition to scalable applications designed to exceed client's expectations, the company offers a full range of support services, with a focus on reducing costs and upholding quality. "We're flexible and enable customers to select services according to their needs. This even includes the support and maintenance of their existing applications and systems, and not just the ones built by us," reveals Casula. The company's end-to end web application solutions seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications. For instance, Kavayah's portfolio of successful Web projects includes Web Portals, Social Networking sites, content management and Workflow solutions, eLearning portals, integration with back-end applications on the latest technology platforms such as Microsoft .NET , Java and LAMP.

In addition the company is highly experienced in conversion of data from one platform to another and helps clients spend their marketing money wisely on targeted demographics and track the effectiveness of their campaigns."Our specialization in digital marketing puts customers exactly where their audience is. And this expertise is based on practical, hands-on experience derived through years of experience in digital development and marketing. We listen first, and then execute,"says Casula.

Unlocking Innovation
With a technical know-how on systems integration, data warehousing, and business-process management, Kavayah is in a unique position to bring client's projects to the next level. When Kavayah acquires a client it believes in building a relationship with the client. "While working on a project we try to assist and share ideas/thoughts which may benefit the client," says Casula. "This is a win-win for both," he adds. For instance consider Kavayah's engagement with one of the largest personal Injury Law Firm in the United States. Kavayah assisted the client redesign their case management system. Prior to the engagement, the client had three singular tools used by different business units, which yielded inconsistent data. Kavayah implemented a new system which helped manage client information in a consistent manner. "Our association didn't end there. We have been responsible for enhancements to the new system since its launch and have also assisted the client in the development of applications to support their business processes," claims Casula.

Going forward, the company aims to expand their data management services in the areas of Big-Data and provide solutions as SaaS. "We are in the process of developing our Big-Data analytics platform (as SaaS) geared towards small and mid-size businesses. This platform will help analyze the relationship between social-media conversation and buying trends to quickly capitalize on emerging sales and opportunities," concludes Casula.