MedicalMine Inc : Intuitive and Physician Friendly EHR Solution for Efficient Practice and Patient Care

Pramila Srinivasan,Founder and CEO

Pramila Srinivasan

Founder and CEO

Accurately capturing the state of patient health round-the clock has gained paramount importance in the healthcare industry. Having the entire patient history on hand can help practitioners offer better outcomes to patients. Imagine if every medical practice, whether a large group or a smaller independent practice, was able to take advantage of having all the information easily accessible from one dashboard. MedicalMine, a Pleasanton, CA based company does exactly this, with their cloud based product ChARM EHR, companion apps and patient portal. "Our goal at MedicalMine is to empower medical practitioners, whether they work at a larger group or a neighborhood clinic, through a single system that works for their entire practice," says Pramila Srinivasan, Founder and CEO, MedicalMine. Through its flagship product ChARM EHR, the company offers a cloud-based online, ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management and Medical Billing solution which improves practice efficiency and quality of care for patients. "It is a system that scales with the practice size, in price and functionality. It allows physicians to schedule appointments, share pre-appointment questionnaires record patient visits, maintain comprehensive information about a patient's history and medical condition, and a myriad of cutting edge features to put all the information at the fingertips of providers," she adds.

ChARM EHR comes with a full suite of cloud-based products, including ChARM EHR for charting and medical data, ChARM PHR for patient engagement, Practice Management tools, mobile apps, and ChARM RCM for Revenue Cycle Management. "This entire suite is born in the cloud, which makes it easy to access from any device from desktop to Smartphone," says Pramila Srinivasan. The ChARM EHR workflow starts when the front office registers a patient who calls in, makes an appointment, or when the patient walks into the clinic. After registration the patient gets a free account in the ChARM

Patient portal which they can use to communicate with their physicians and send or receive messages, appointment summaries, prescription
information and more. Apart from that, patients who are engaged in their own care can use the portal to maintain their data and decide when or if they want to share the same with the physician. It also helps physicians share pre-appointment questionnaires with the patients, which will show up in the patient portal along with an email notification. "Patients can fill-in the questionnaires, share medical history and documents with the practice even before the visit. This greatly reduces the actual patient waiting time at the clinic," says Pramila Srinivasan.

Facilitating Easy and Quick Charting
ChARM EHR also offers an iPad based Patient Check-in app providing a patient check-in Kiosk application which is useful for walk-in patients to fill-in their details including their medical history, history of present illness, allergies, treatments taken and other such information. This information can be instantly accessed by the physician in the patient chart during consultation, so that doctors can take informed clinical decisions for better healthcare.

The solution also supports template creation for commonly used prescriptions, supplements, lab work and diagnosis, allowing rapid data entry into Encounter Charts. Built in customizable templates helps physicians enter data using mostly a selection of check-boxes, dramatically reducing the time for text entry. In addition, ChARM also facilitates easy and quick charting through support of various types of encounters such as Quick, Brief and Comprehensive, on desktop and mobile devices.

Improving Provider Productivity and Reducing Wait Times
ChARM EHR is designed to improve provider productivity at all levels. It integrates with major labs using standard HL7 interface. Lab requests are routed to labs directly and results are pushed back into the EHR for review by physicians. ChARM supports e-prescribing and patients can pick them up at the pharmacy, directly reducing the patient wait time. It also allows the front office or the biller to generate invoices and track pending invoices, claims and receivables. ChARM also supports an in-house inventory module where-by clinics can manage and dispense their inventory of medications, and supplements. The practice can track stock levels, configure reorder thresholds and also view reports on current inventory, and drug expiry. "To sum it up, we give practitioners an ability to look at the big picture of their patient's health, including a visualization of timeline data, their practice workflow, finances and inventory, population analytics, and patient engagement" remarks Pramila Srinivasan.

In one instance, a customer approached MedicalMine with a requirement to deploy ChARM's Suite of applications in a clinic chain that primarily focused on travel medicine and advanced vaccination workflows. His practice was growing rapidly and his setup (at that time) of multiple products was not serving him well. They were looking for a product with an intuitive interface, and one that could be accessed on multiple devices. "Over the next two months, we helped them implement ChARM EHR and their practice grew in efficiency," says Pramila Srinivasan. MedicalMine interfaced its inventory module to work with a vaccination database, and billing and invoicing were integrated seamlessly with their charting protocols. Also, the company connected all these elements to synchronize with the state vaccination registry, and handled the practices' training and support needs. "The client remarked: 'ChARM EHR has all the bells and whistles without the complex interface'," she adds.

"We watch the new trends in technology, and we also listen to our users and spend time with them at our user conferences, and training events," says Pramila Srinivasan. Through this MedicalMine carefully evaluates how to make the technology work for its clients and if it is something they could use to make their practice more efficient and improve patient outcomes. "We are a technology company, but we also provide unparalleled service as an insurance biller for our customers, and we have a great support team," she adds. Additionally, ChARM EHR is 100 percent HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant meeting the government regulations on data transmission and storage. "We use 256-bit encryption to securely transmit your data," says Pramila Srinivasan. The solution is also certified for 'Meaningful Use' by Drummond Group under ONC-ATCB program, which means that practitioners can use the company's system and become eligible for incentive payments from the Federal Government.

In the upcoming years, MedicalMine will continue to focus on building cutting-edge features to help practitioners use the EHR in ways beyond what is possible with paper charts or traditional products. "We will be looking for greater market share, and building more Patient-Centric mobile apps. I think that we are at a turning point towards large-scale adoption of digital technologies in health care. The new wearable devices are exciting. The federal initiatives to encourage HIEs for patient data exchange, along with consumers' increasing familiarity with digital devices will help make digital adoption into healthcare a reality," concludes Pramila Srinivasan.