Orvito: Pioneering the World of Intelligent Living

Satish Vankayalapati,Founder, Chairman & CEO

Satish Vankayalapati

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Satish Vankayalapati's idea of a technology company is singular- leveraging technology to solve real world problems. This simple yet powerful guiding principle has helped Orvito occupy a unique and an interesting position in the IoT industry today. It is probably one of the very few companies that provide a unified solution offering security, life safety, access control and automation solutions on a single platform. While the industry witnessed lot of single product launches at a breakneck speed, Orvito's efforts were concentrated in building its innovative IoT platform Nucleo- that has the capability to provide a truly connected and secure lifestyle to the end user.

After serving as a partner at McKinsey and Company, and successfully pioneering efforts in next generation technologies, smart cities, and convergence, Vankayalapati realized that the lack of standardization, and security and scalability concerns was throttling the IoT space. "This compelled me to take a plunge in the entrepreneurial space and mold the idea of Orvito-an IoT company that has built an ecosystem that provides security, life safety, control automation and access control solutions," begins Satish Vankayalapati, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Orvito. "With focus on wireless automation and security surveillance products for home, commercial, enterprise and hospitality sectors, our goal is to enhance security, increase energy efficiency and simplify life, the key pillars of IoT," he continues, "At Orvito, we aim to create a wireless world and provide an unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees and ecosystem partners. Led by a team of professionals with strong technology background and a keen focus on innovation and quality, we
strive to create future-ready automation and security products."With Orvito out of stealth mode, Satish is gearing up for launch of its products globally. His focus is towards solving the issues of scale, geographies and ensuring that order lead times are reduced considerably to serve customers' better.

Shaking Up Existing Markets
Orvito's products focus on a combination of mobile, cloud, wireless and hardware devices; while the company's one stop automation solutions are built on open standards to enable interoperability, thereby providing flexibility for continuous process improvement and innovation. The company is at the forefront of developing path-breaking IoT products such as the world's first smart switch panel. Orvito is also disrupting markets by shaking up existing product categories and pushing them a generation or two ahead (Orvito visitor management systems or universal remote controllers). For instance consider the case involving standard building or individual apartments in the United States. All these structures use legacy intercom systems for access and visitor management. However these systems have not been changed in the last 20 to 30 years. "We are at the forefront of shaking up such legacy markets," says Vankayalapati. "Our web and mobile apps along with open API's from the Orvito Cloud platform enable users to connect to their home. Our customers can monitor control various connected devices and sensors in real time," he adds. The company has also embedded strong logic engine that enables customers to set rules and allow their devices to operate according to their preferences without a need of human intervention.

The company's Innovative IoT platform 'Nucleo' needs a special mention.The platform is essentially an 'on demand'automation and security solution that offers end products such as Smart Switch Panel, Video Door Phone, Safety Sensors and Surveillance Cameras working with a single Hub. It also provides a cloud-based infrastructure for unified control, monitoring and analysis of residential, enterprise, retail, institutional, commercial or industrial facilities. Nucleo uses well documented API's to enable third party devices to
integrate and provide a consistent user experience.Orvito products are designed keeping in mind the pain, cost and overall hassle of rework and installation of automation and security solutions. This core design philosophy helps them to address the disparate needs of real estate projects big or small across all real estate sub-asset classes such as residential, commercial, and retail. It has also enabled them to radically lower the cost and time required for installation. For instance consider the case involving a real estate developer who wanted to implement automation and security solution as an 'after thought' i.e. after the construction was completed, interiors were fitted out, and electrical wiring and networking was in place. The customer wanted to avoid any kind of re-wiring.Also tearing down any finished civil work was not an option since such an effort was operationally and financially unviable option. In addition, the customer demanded reliable and secure communication and control as well as ease of integration and low cost of maintenance and total cost of ownership of the solution. "We delivered complete suite of Orvito products (Orvito Smart Switch Panels, Orvito SmartHub, Orvito indoor and outdoor cameras and a variety of sensors for safety monitoring). The installation was completed less than 3 hours, and we avoided any kind of rework, rewiring or special tooling," affirms Vankayalapati.

Unlocking Innovation
Orvito maintains its own cloud to store live video feed, customer settings, energy usage analytics and more to help manage the environment efficiently. On the other hand, the company's R&D operations are focused on providing contemporary designs and intuitive user interface that enable seamless integration of their products into customers' lifestyle. Going forward the company aims to push their existing offerings and expand the feature list, while making sure that the products continue to be profitable."We also want to embrace the recent advances and developments in the IoT space and add new product lines, especially in the healthcare space. We would also like to scale across geographies namely Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, and more specifically South Asia," concludes Vankayalapati.