PlumSlice Labs: Enhanced Data and Process Management Solutions for (R)Etailers

Abnesh Raina,Founder & CEO

Abnesh Raina

Founder & CEO

Today, Data Analytics is having a profound impact on business operations, allowing companies of all sizes to serve customers better, perform risk-analysis, and create new revenue streams. Every customer interaction and movement is captured and measured to refine strategies, and update inventory decisions. With the rapid growth of digital consumption, companies are faced with a multitude of choices and with every choice come a certain amount of risk.

PlumSlice Labs believes in trouncing these and provides a Cloud based Enterprise Software as Service Platform, which consists of web and mobile applications, enabling companies to be more efficient in product and enterprise data management. Elaborating on the current market scenario, Abnesh Raina, CEO and Founder, PlumSlice Labs, says, "It is important for retailers to contend with the data consistency and governance issues especially with the high volume of structured and unstructured data being created through multiple channels such as online, brick and mortar, mobile, web, print, marketplaces, social media, customer reviews, etc." At times, this increased complexity leads to inconsistent decision making, resulting in adverse impact to the top and bottom lines. We tackle these situations with a combined core focus on data integrity, enterprise workflows and big data analytics" explains Raina.

PlumSlice also helps companies to communicate effectively with stakeholders and collaborate with their needs through enhanced product management processes. "With team members dispersed globally, companies have to follow up with suppliers constantly to make product selection, manufacturing, and marketing decisions.
Shortening this decision cycle is a big need and we are specialized in delivering the right solution," says Raina.

PlumSlice enables companies scale and manage 100s to millions of SKUs effectively, efficiently and easily via its - Cloud-Based Enterprise SAAS Software - access anywhere/anytime, plug & play with existing processes/software

Modular Suite of Products - scales to companies needs, use part or allfor maximal impact.All modules are fully integrated with each other but can be implemented individually or in any combination depending on your needs
Enablement of Global Cross-Team Collaboration-enabling easy interface with your internal and external teams while involving your suppliers directly in the workflow process.
Powerful Dashboard Tools -Oversight at a Glance, no more redundant spreadsheets, enhances work-flow processes.
Real Insights from Big Data Analytics - more than just capturing all the data, making it useful and understandable
Integrating with Existing Systems - PlumSlice has established partnerships with several ERP and eCommerce platforms. These partnerships make integration and implementations nearly seamless.
PlumSlice was instrumental in developing these workflow-based modules to assist companies' streamline and enhance data integrity and decision making among stakeholders."In addition, we also provide a RESEARCH module that leverages linkages between enterprise data with external unstructured data to provide actionable analytics," says Raina.
RESEARCH It's Not Just What Data You Capture, It's What You Can DO with Your Data that Matters
Customize your own set of dashboard widgets to help you gain insight from all that data via PlumSlice big data analytics applications as a service offering
Understand Linkages between your data sets to make critical decisions faster
PIM Centralized Source for Product Data Creation, Governance, and Distribution Collaborative workflow-based repository for all pertinent product content, including data, images, and video.
Rather than silos, using its
centralized workflow users can view and edit product information, with automatic logging of all changes. This reduces duplicates, standalone spreadsheets, and data inconsistencies.

SELECT Pick Out the Cream of the Crop for Your Product Line
Streamline information from trade shows, vendor displays, suppliers, and internal teams to decide which items will make it to your product line
DEVELOP - Design Products Your Customers Want to Buy Track all your products designed in house and make sure they are all on schedule and meet your assortment objectives.
COMMERCE - A Smarter Approach to Ecommerce MarketPlace Enablement.
A cloud-hosted, complete solution for marketplace enablement and enhanced drop ship management. With COMMERCE, retailers can have full integration, including inventory feeds, analytics, and order status updates from partners to the ecommerce site. PlumSlice COMMERCE enables retailers, distributors and wholesalers to expand their product offerings and accelerate vendor on boarding. The result: products get to market faster and enterprises realize improved revenue and margins.
PlumSlice Labs developed its cloud-based solution using the latest architecture on a modular platform, enabling retailers to integrate PlumSlice easily into the client's day-to-day operations. "Having dealt with data and process integrity, product management, and team collaboration issues, we understand the challenges faced in an omnichannel environment, we have taken care to develop solutions that make life easier for companies."
With its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, PlumSlice has customers across the globe. "Our clientele includes Sport Chalet based,, and some of India's fast growing eCommerce sites like," says Raina.

The company will continue its vision to address the data and process complexities in the omnichannel environment. "We are also working on applications to further enable companies for an enhanced mobile consumer environment," Raina concludes.