Pulse Secure: Enabling Access, Not Enforcing Control

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEOIn today's mobile centric world, smartphones and tablets have become an integral aspect of both personal and professional lives of every individual. The concept of mobility has led the IT teams to keep up with their workforce's demand of being connected 24/7 with their personal devices with their work. IT administrators have had to re-evaluate their security policies to align and support mobile initiatives -BYOD. Concerns over data leakage and compliance risk, and lack of IT resources are causing worries for the quick adoption of this trend hampering the organizations chances of optimizing efficiency. This is where Pulse Secure plays a key role in helping the workforce turn much more productive than usual.

Headed by a technology afficianado with experience across the cloud, mobility, networking, security and collaboration markets, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO of Pulse Secure articulates, "I've always been a believer that security should be enabling access and not enforcing control." Implementing his belief at his work, the San Jose, CA based firm's easy on boarding, compliance enforcement, and a seamless user experience for BYOD and mobile devices, enables enterprises to balance
business security with user Productivity. With the goal of keeping their customer's business and end-users secure and connected, Pulse Secure delivers both on-premise and off-premise mobility solutions. "Our Pulse Connect Secure SSL VPN and Pulse Workspace enable workers to securely use their personal mobile device for greater productivity," articulates Ramakrishna.

Our pulse connect secure SSl VPN and pulse workspace enables workers to securely use their personal mobile device for greater productivity

Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Workspace are solutions that are designed to solve complexities related to BYOD. These are proven SSL VPN secure, scalable and reliable mobility solutions that deliver simple, seamless, and secure on-demand connectivity to mobile and remote workers, which can securely connect users to Office 365, Box, Salesforce, and other cloud services from their mobile devices. It's an all-in-one solution for mobile, cloud and VPN that gives users seamless and secure access to both the cloud and data center.

"We also offer the right amount of control to IT needed, without invading the device owner's privacy with our Pulse Workspace solution," adds Ramakrishna. The solution also delivers container security that supports any mobile app without modification. These
Pulse Secure end-to-end security solutions empower customers' BYOD workers to be productive at all times.

In one such case of customer engagement-with Juniper Networks-Pulse Secure allowed the employees to access more applications, and enable them to be more productive anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The firm was also successful in protecting the confidential information and intellectual property effectively. Implementing Pulse Secure's Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Workspace solutions, Juniper helped their employees to connect seamlessly, collaborate anywhere, and enjoy more flexibility. "We enabled our clients' employees to stay connected to the productivity tools and services they need-while Juniper's rigorous security standards are upheld," says Ramakrishna. Pulse Secure ensured that Juniper's employees were using their personal smartphones and tablets for performing every activity at the workplace-check email, make phone calls, collaborate, and access resources.

In the years to come, Ramakrishna is working with a mission in mind to stir Pulse Secure toward providing best of breed secure access and mobile security solutions to both enterprises and service providers."Over the long term,our customers and partners can expect to see Pulse Secure positioning itself to become more relevant to customers through increasing its visibility and risk compliance solutions," says Ramakrishna. "Further more, we are also exploring our role in enabling and securing the IoT market through technology relationships."