ReNi Analytics: Delivering Richer, Finer, and Faster Analytics

Venkat N. Rajan,President & CEO

Venkat N. Rajan

President & CEO

A data scientist employed by a financial firm was performing mortgage analysis based on a list of people likely to renew their mortgage. Though he had all the information they wanted, a peculiar question was perturbing him, "How to leverage all this data?" The answer was still to be figured out.

Though the technological jargon "Big Data" has now become a remarkable reality, "Big Data Analytics" is just a piece of the puzzle. As Tim Harford summed up beautifully in a recent Financial Times article "Big Data has arrived, but big insights have not." Enter ReNi Analytics! The Big Data Analytics organization solves the puzzle by bringing a combination of business domain expertise, analytics services and technology skills. "Data Analytics usually is separated from the business process, but I believe you have to create insight, embed it, and deliver it at the point of decision. That's what we do, we build analytics embedded business processes," explains Venkat N. Rajan, President and CEO, ReNi Analytics.

Current business processes in the Big Data Analytics arena have
Big Data Analytics arena haveevolved and new business processes are being created to address Segment-Of-One and real-time decision-making needs. And business leaders are looking to grow revenues and margins, reduce costs and improve asset productivity. "Supply chain executives in High-Tech want to have real-time visibility of their entire supply chain so they can shape demand and supply predictively so they can minimize expediting costs, improve delivery performance with the lowest inventory investments," adds Rajan. ReNi is meeting these organization needs with their analytics embedded business processes. The organization's solution is primarily based on three concepts: Richer, Finer, and Faster Analytics which enables them to bring a lot of different data sets together, analyzing it to the lowest granular level, and yielding faster results.

ReNi Analytics offers a full range of business consulting, analytics services and Big Data skills to solve business problems. The organization's Supply Chain Data Lake asset is an innovative solution that can transform industrial manufacturing and distribution supply chains. "While other companies are providing incremental capabilities in S&OP as innovation, we have created a real-time decision-making capability that can enable every supply chain decision to be driven based on the specific financial goals applicable to that business unit, product family, geographic scope, time period, SKU lifecycle and other considerations," explains Rajan. ReNi Analytics' core competency also lies in offering
predictive analytics for Marketing based organizations and in helping develop models for branding activities among others. The analytics translates to pricing based intelligence (pricing analytics) to help brand managers drive marketing activities, price promotions, and other distribution related activities.

Having served clients in marketing, supply chain and customer service functions across Consumer Goods, Financial Services, High-Tech, Retail and Telecom industries, the organization has Marketing Spend Optimization, Supply Chain Data Lake, Managed Markets Contract Analytics, and Consumer Marketing assets to offer. "We provided Data Analytics services to Hewlett Packard that comprised of data ingestion, data management, all the way up to data modeling, predictive analytics, and big data services," says Rajan. Not only HP, over the last two years ReNi has delivered solutions to many Fortune 500 clients entertaining their needs.

With a pool of delighted clients, ReNi Analytics have been endeavoring successfully in Financial Services, High- Tech, Retail and Telecom industries for the last two years and now are looking to expand their area of operation. Reni analytics is also experiencing customer traction in a myriad of other industries viz. Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas to apply the same thinking and expertise to address their needs. Rajan informs, "We will continue to focus on every opportunity that our clients give us and make sure they get measurable shareholder value out of it."