SenecaGlobal: Personifying Information Technology for Enterprises

Technology has played a major role in the transformation of the web development landscape in the last few years—ranging from the development of simple pages to complex webbased internet applications, electronic businesses, and social networking services. According to SenecaGlobal President and CEO Edward Szofer, “The client expectations have changed along with the manner in which private software companies have brought products into the market, catering to the outsourced product development (OPD) landscape.” Cost plays a major factor for companies giving rise to conflicting requirements where an organization wants to deliver quality service at optimum cost. Nullifying or simplifying the crisis, SenecaGlobal has, through a combination of people, processes, and technology, put a model into place that addresses these concerns. The organization helps clients bring their products to market in minimal time at a significantly lower cost. Headquartered in Oak Brook, IL, SenecaGlobal provides high-performance, scalable IT solutions for mid-market companies looking for innovative strategies, seamless workflows, and quality results.“Business knowledge is an integral and differential part of what we deliver. There is a huge demand for software and tech development in
the U.S.,” says Rao Tummalapalli, Managing Director and Co-Founder of SenecaGlobal. He further states,“The labor pool is not sufficient enough to address the production
demands. Our client bases, which are large companies facing shortages of good software engineering personnel, feel this shortage even more.” SenecaGlobal’s approach in resolving issues revolves primarily around faster turnaround times during an emergency. Additionally, effective communication and collaboration among distributed teams is essential alongside a certain level of transparency, which is required when an organization adjusts itself for rapid development. “From a technology standpoint, there have been lot of cloud integration solutions for enterprise, and people are looking for solutions for their mobile and enterprise side,” says Tummalapalli.

SenecaGlobal boasts of a true blended team that comprises CIOs and CTOs working collaboratively with the client with cost reduction being a by-product of SenecaGlobal’s work model. It’s IT model framework is seamless leading to accountability and high-quality successful implementations. Enterprise mobility is also an important part for SenecaGlobal— helping optimize productivity, mobilize workforce, maximize impact, and providing integrated solutions with seamless processes. SenecaGlobal’s approach in the OPD landscape is unique. A client who just finishes acquiringfunding and needs to get to the market deployment phase as soon as possible employs SenecaGlobal as an entire IT development organization. “The local personnel

Edward Szofer,President, CEO & Co-Founder

Edward Szofer

President, CEO & Co-Founder

act as the client’s CTO and decide what they need to go into the market. They discuss technology with architecture, scalability, security level, and their mobile strategy,” explains Szofer. The clients deliver business value to their customer, which makes them a B2C or an eCommerce organization; SenecaGlobal acts as a business development shop, working with their clients on a long-term partnership.

So what’s next for SenecaGlobal? Szofer states, “We are of the opinion that what you are looking at now is the foundation.” Essentially, there is an organic factor that will continue to feed SenecaGlobal’s growth. He further states, “We are similar to any other organizational evolution down the road, and we do and will always look at acquiring companies for growth.” Tummalapalli adds, “Differentiation is the key. Our focus is different. We have data to support, and we have history.