Senslytics Corporation: Real-Time Interoperable Platform for IoT driven Analytics

With the changing business demographic, and increasing customer demand, organizations are compelled to provide innovative solutions. Now, businesses are plunging into the Internet of Things (IoT) to proactively monitor, manage, and maintain systems, and respond to unwanted situations. "IoT enables organizations to collect relevant information from various structured, semi-structured or unstructured data sources and apply data science to predict insights around emergencies," begins Dr. Rabindra Chakraborty, President, Senslytics Corporation. With a strong focus on 'IoT driven analytics,' Senslytics Corporation's vision is to reduce and prevent emergencies.

A spin off from Catalyst Business Solutions, a technology consulting company; Senslytics focuses on building a platform for the industry specific IoT analytics needs. The company's interoperable platform-5.5 Sense Suite solution provides a unified view of the 'context state' such as the health state of an equipment or the seepage state in a pipeline and delivers alerts in the mobile devices. The solution has three major components, Data Dendrons, Prognosis Platform and Wisdom Engine. Data Dendrons, which act like the senses of human body, can collect structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different sources, whereas the Prognosis platform
acts like the spinal cord where different rules are applied enabling proper filtering, handling and directing-redirecting of data.

The Wisdom Engine acts like the brain generating predictions and intuitions at any given situation. The Wisdom Engine that generates the insights can be run either on Predictive Mode or on Preventive Mode. Flexibility is a key feature of the suite, which makes it adaptable to the IoT standards that are being led by different standards bodies. The IoT standards compliance gives easy message access for connecting to sensors and actuators in order to ensure the safety of equipment or a series of equipments in tandem.

"Our system can predict possible non-compliance ahead of time in order to take corrective actions," says Mr. Anupam Awasthi, Board Member, Senslytics. "For example in oil and gas sector upstream business, through this, various rotary equipments from different manufacturers can be added easily to be monitored in the solution," he adds. The 5.5 Sense Suite gives the performance degradation status of any equipment that are configured for feeding appropriate data to the analytics engine.

The 5.5 Sense Suite has several modules which can be activated as per the business needs. The application has well defined APIs
Rabindra Chakraborty ,Presidentthat can be integrated with other external applications. Designed with scalability in mind, the system is secured, configurable and futuristic in nature.The presentation layer of the application is mobile friendly so any executive or the plant manager can know the status of the equipments in an oil rig operation, even when on the move.

Senslytics is actively working with the IEEE Standards Association to create an IoT driven compliance standard. "Our engagements with both Government side as well as the industry help us refine our products, thoughts and approaches to market adoption," says Dr. Chakraborty. He foresees that IoT compliance as a game changer technology that will modernize the way customer confidence and trust are built in the business ecosystem.