Solutions4Business Inc: Delivering Results with Insights-driven Approach and Collaboration

Prateek Parakh,CEO"With our help, our customers understand the rising trends and can implement current technologies into their business ecosystem confidently," says Prateek Parakh, CEO at Solutions4Business Inc. With the risk of technology solutions becoming obsolete between a few years to a few months, the decision of implementing new solutions is not to be taken lightly. The CIO needs to have a proven foresight, spanning three to five years before making an actionable call on investments. In spite of having this foresight, CIOs find it hard to pick a solution due to the sizable number of innovative solutions flooding the market today. "Solutions4Business guides their client's business decision making by implementing controls in the solution selection process. The workflow provides alignment with strategic business objective and helps in the management of current assets and resources," says Parakh.

RE:search+ is the firms market research report delivery platform. It aims to provide valuable insights through the in-depth analysis and research. Additionally it helps customers to make investment decisions and reconfigure their sales, marketing and supply chain ecosystems, accordingly. "With RE:search+, we equip our consumers with a 'Go-To-Market-Strategy', backed by expert research. This unique service offering from Solutions4Business helps customers identify new market opportunities, mitigate and prevent investment risks, reduce product shortages and meet the demands of end users," says Parakh.

Datatooth is the firms foray into cloud-based excel collaboration platform, adding to the existing suite of capabilities that firm offers to its clients. The feature-rich solution, Datatooth is a modular system for tracking sales opportunities, managing promotions planning and execution process, and project and portfolio management.The offering is equipped with an advanced access
control and a robust data security
layer.Augmented with 24x7 customer support, minimal user resistance as Microsoft Excel is widely popular with business users; the Datatooth platform secures a good ROI for users.

Solutions4Business has a growing presence in digital strategy & transformation practice. It offers services like online presence management, differential experience management and digital marketing solutions to help clients improve their foothold and stay competitive.

Solutions4Business has delivered proven ROI to its customers in the food & beverage industry, CPG, printing, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, retail, pharma, health care, and hospitality business. By concentrating their focus on these areas, the company is able to deliver solutions that target the unique needs of these sectors. "The clients we interact with already possess a wealth of experience in the field. We aim to add to our clients' knowledge base by optimizing the technology solutions and operating protocols our clients have in place. This is made possible by delivering a fitting array of consulting services in a cost-effective manner," says Parakh.

For instance, one of the world's largest consumer goods companies approached Solutions4Business as their existing system was not being utilized due to certain complexities of the master data set up. The client also lost a significant amount of forecast because of incorrect mapping and lack of visibility.

Solutions4Business began tackling these challenges by first conducting an in-depth needs analysis. "The success of our project work is tied to a unique scoping exercise which we like to call 'Know what to deliver', this approach ensure needs are identified, analyzed, grouped into actionable blocks and owned by both side of isle i.e. consulting and client team," says Parakh The proprietary 3-phase audit commenced with gathering data, organizing the audit, and defining its deliverables.The second phase focused on SAP master data validation and manufacturing site details of the products their client dealt with and ensuring the underlying master data was aligned with supply chain business strategy. The final stage involved making sure that the above
process was sustainable and was accomplished by creating standard operating procedures and giving extensive training on the above process. "The optimized technology-framework and a streamlined supply-chain are some of the benefits that the company bestowed upon them," Parakh claims. Upon their solution, the client was able to utilize the systemic recommendation more aptly, clear and direct training for new hires, and proving to the end-users that the system implemented is a huge value-addition to the company. The increase in ROI was seen in the form of an immediate increase in customer service and a reduction in inventory. Forecasts generated are now viewed as accurate and up to date. Key differentiator for us versus competition is that we are able to help our customers understand and focus on the controlling parameters to ensure technical solutions are delivering as required and adding to the competitive advantage.", says Parakh. Solution4Business's growth strategy is governed by three pillars-effective innovation, superior execution and personnel empowerment. "We know the importance of continuous improvement and competence development," says Parakh. The firm has employed subtle innovations that are aimed at streamlining their operating protocols. These initiatives help increase the delivery speed of solutions to customers. "Our goal is to deliver faster and more cost effective solutions to our customers. Branching to different areas to improve the value we provide to customers helps us become faster and more limber.", says Parakh.

"For the future, Solutions4Business plans to concentrate on medium and large sized clients and guide them in focusing on business needs like IT infrastructures, enterprise resource planning, and product life cycle management. We will continue innovating and helping our clients leverage and make the most from our consulting services," concludes Parakh.

Quote: “With our proprietary SAP SCM strategy, we equip our customers with a fine tuned SAP SCM solution that is aligned with the business strategy while ensuring the business users are adequately trained and understand how and when to manually intervene. This unique service offering from Solutions4Business helps mitigate and prevent product shortages and meet the demands of end users. Our customers can expect significantly enhanced ROI from their existing SAP investment.