Space-O Technologies: Holistic Strategies to Increment Business Efficiency

Rakesh Patel,CEO and Co-Founder

Rakesh Patel

CEO and Co-Founder

With the advent of enterprise mobility, the work habits are shifting, as more employees are working outside the office, using mobile devices and cloud services to perform businesss tasks on the go. Although the idea of enterprise mobility supporting business processes to achieve better efficiency and productivity may seem appealing at a glance, managing mobility for organizations is a complex and detailed process. In this scenario, Space-O Technologies, a company specializing in unique app development both for business and personal use offers a complete set of mobile device management systems. Space-O's solution range includes BYOD solutions, mobile application platforms, Machine-to-Machine(M2M) communications and, mobile security that helps clients to manage their mobile systems and make better decisions. "Our solutions are robust and scalable and carefully designed to protect sensitive and confidential corporate data," says Rakesh Patel, CEO and Co-Founder, Space-O Technologies.

The company's Data Governance
and Security Solution enables users to manage, track and secure data and share it virtually from anytime and anywhere. Mobile data security is implemented in multiple layers to ensure that it is thorough and impermeable. Mobile Device Management is the first layer of security which allows the IT department within a company to keep track of devices, sensitive corporate data, and user access records. The tool also enables the IT department to look into any suspicious data without delay and prevent the occurrence of any kind of mishaps related to data. Besides, Space-O's Mobile Application Management (MAM)software facilitates clients to have direct control over the devices their employee'use. Often the applications installed and used by the employees in their smartphones and other devices, can be infested with several vulnerabilities which can corrupt the office files. MAM software creates room for a check and balance system within the organization.

Our solutions are robust and scalable and carefully designed to protect sensitive and confidential corporate data

Additionally, the company also develops Business to Business(B2B)mobile apps to increase business productivity. Leveraging the innovative and customized apps developed by Space-O Technologies,sales and marketing teams can increase
productivity and revenue, as well as cater to the clients' demands in a better way.

In an instance, Space-O Technologies assisted a client offering private patrol service with a centralized system that can be used by all its franchises and be accessed from any device and any location. Alongside, the client was proffered with an automated system that supports reporting of field staff such as agents or officers, and monitors their activities. A system for managing patrolling workflows and shifts, seamlessly allowed the customers to send email,client billing and message the officers on duty. Space-O technologies'cross platform mobile solution which can be accessed from iPad and Android tablets helped the client to capture images of the patrolling site and allowed reports to be sent to their customers. The facilities of automated reporting, data management, geo tracking, work-flow management, client billing and messaging for officers on duty that the firm offered, helped the client to reduce capital for hardware. The customer was also able to manage data easily on a centralized system, send reports automatically via the system, and gain mobility for patrolling business.

Forging ahead, the company is planning to enhance its present solutions and services and contribute to the growing enterprise mobility space. The firm will continue to develop advanced mobile apps to increase efficiency and overall business competence of customers.