Stoke: Helping Global Carriers Protect and Optimize Mobile Broadband Traffic

Yashasvi Shankar ,President & COO

Yashasvi Shankar

President & COO

The introduction of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology has reshaped the future of the entire mobile communication industry, especially in regard to security. The all-IP nature of LTE networks has made communications susceptible to the same type of threats and other vulnerabilities as Internet communications. Therefore, operators now need to employ robust countermeasures, as well as ensure adequate levels of service quality and efficiency to meet the enhanced demand from networks. As a result, one of the most urgent requirements in the world of mobile telecommunications is for security solutions addressing critical needs for operator network protection, accommodating traffic peaks and handling new services without impaired performance or the need to over invest in additional infrastructure. This environment has propelled Stoke to the forefront of mobile broadband infrastructure vendors.

Headquartered in Santa Clara (U.S), and with offices in Bangalore (India), Tokyo (Japan) and the UK, Stoke develops security gateway solutions protecting the junction of the LTE Radio Access Network and the Mobile Operator Core.

Security, Performance and Network Optimization in a Single Solution
Led by Vikash Varma, President
and CEO, Stoke provides the mobile broadband industry's most powerful and cost efficient security gateway solutions, that are uniquely engineered to protect against malicious or accidental 3G/4G/LTE network threats, mitigate network capacity uncertainties, and enable operators to ensure their network investments are in sync with future requirements. Stoke is the only company serving all these industry requirements in a single technology platform.

Stoke employs a unique and highly differentiated technology in its security gateway solutions, providing market-leading performance combined with an unmatched breadth and depth of features in a small, power efficient footprint which delivers massive operational saving in comparison with competitive offerings by providing the highest 'throughput per kilowatt' in the industry. At the core of Stoke's product suite is the SSX-3000 mobile edge gateway platform that secures the junction between the Radio Access Network and the mobile operator core, the S1 Link.

Milestones to Success
Stoke products are today the preferred choice for Tier I mobile network operators including Japan's NTT Docomo, SoftBank and the Hutchinson Group. The company also partners with the sector's leading players such as Samsung, Net One Systems, Macnica and Dimension Data to provide comprehensive LTE infrastructure solutions. Today, Stoke has the largest number of LTE security gateways deployed in live commercial LTE networks, handling about 15 million subscribers worldwide.

The Stoke management team comprises engineering and leadership expertise at the most senior level from many of the
technology industry's most prominent telecommunications and network organizations, and its investors are behind the success of many of the world's leading organizations.

Towards the Future
Securing LTE has emerged as a major industry initiative in 2014. Stoke is addressing this market opportunity with innovations that include enhancing the performance of the Stoke Security Exchange, and introducing exponentially deeper levels of encryption and other capabilities to counter the increased threat level now prevalent in mobile broadband networks.

In recent months, Stoke has seen a major uptick in interest in its solutions, signing new engagements in five additional countries as a result of its strategic role in safeguarding the mobile carrier's network assets.

Additionally, there is growing interest in virtualized, software-only solutions for mobile operator networks. Stoke is extremely well-positioned to capitalize on this trend from the outset, Stoke architected its solutions using a Linux-based, distributed network functions approach. This foresight ensures that it is just a short step to introduce virtualized offerings when the timing is appropriate.

Stoke's organizational goal is to empower mobile operators to protect their users, optimize their networks and support the secured rollout of exciting new technologies and services including Voice over LTE (VoLTE), small cell backhaul, and shared networks. With mobile broadband traffic expected to grow by over 3000 percent over the next five years, Stoke is at the heart of a massive market opportunity and we are excited at the potential to continue our growth trajectory.