Swift Pace Solutions: Cost-effective, High Quality IT Solution for Increased Profitability

Vara Prasad Boddu,President and COO

Vara Prasad Boddu

President and COO

"There are great benefits of owning and providing a range of IT solution products to clients. However entrepreneurs often ignore the complexities it brings along with it," begins Vara Prasad Boddu, President and COO, Swift Pace Solutions. Understanding the need of customer satisfaction and formulating a solution packet tailored to target their requirements is a Dallas-based IT services company that goes the extra mile to meet the IT needs of the mid-market group.

Swift Pace was started with a mission to provide IT services to help support reorganizations and sunset legacy systems. "We help legacy systems that can no longer support the changing business needs and build new cost effective systems in their place with our IT products that are integrated with Open source software tools," says Boddu. Aimed at hundred percent customer satisfactions, the company provides high-quality, cost-efficient IT solutions that will help organizations to maintain operating efficiency, effectiveness and increased profitability.

For instance, in case of IT disruption and time constraint, the client faces a bounded rationality situation. In this scenario, the client would only see the main factor that caused service disruption and does not focus on the other series of factors that has led to causing this specific disruption. "At Swift Pace, when there is an IT requirement, our experienced consultants do a 360 degree assessment of the company's needs and produce a model that rightly fits to fulfilling not only the IT essentials, but also provide additional services to optimize turn over," reckons Boddu. "Going the extra mile provides uniqueness to our services and helps to demonstrate to our clients the accountability and reliability of our IT services," he adds.

While most companies focus on status quo rather than improving the competitive factor of the business, Swift Pace's business model is based on creating value for the customers and employees. In case of clients, the company incorporates hybrid IT solution where the Swift Pace's IT services are combined to meet the overall IT need of the company. "In doing so, we ensure that the process of integrating our hybrid IT solution synchronizes with on premise applications. We motivate our employees to find innovative ways to provide IT services and solution to meet the needs of the clients," Boddu asserts. As a result, the clients experience a continuous business process engagement life cycle from providing the expected IT service, to delivering appropriate results and building an on-going service relationship with them. The company is in the run for constantly improving processes and trying to simplify it as much as possible keeping quality and affordable price point intact.

For example, a client who had the cloud and wanted to upgrade and move that big data to Oracle Cloud, especially 12c. Swift Pace used Oracle 12c to help the client consolidate and move big set of data quickly and save resources. "The best feature about 12c was that we could optimize data automatically and move it to different layers. For managing data, we used data management software-Hadoop which allows distributing large data sets across many layers to manage it effectively," says Boddu.

Swift Pace's partnership with several clients like Oracle, Amazon and Hortonworks reflects the company's elevated level of commitment towards continual growth and improvement in services and depth of specialization in IT based solution. With over 1500 clients working towards helping clients overcome the defaults that occur while using Oracle solution, the company approaches each client's case in a unique manner. "We first study the issues that the clients are facing and then match those issues with appropriate solutions like security, collaboration and performance technological tools," affirms Boddu. These tools are provided by Oracle web center, Oracle based CRM application and Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform and Hadoop software by Hortonworks.
After identifying the appropriate solution, the company then helps their clients with migration, integration and provides support in case a technical issue arises. In an interesting case study, a client faced a transparent Data Encryption (TDE) issue and Swift Pace used Oracle support to fix the problem. The company also assisted another client in transferring to Amazon cloud and provided Hadoop and helped them consolidate and manage data effectively. "The best feature about combining the cloud service with the added data management tool was that they could easily optimize big set of data automatically, move and manage it in different ways," Boddu says. Additionally, SwiftPace enables companies to incorporate sustainability in their IT process with Agile Life Cycle Process Management (PLM).

With a passion and commitment to serve the mid-market, the company uses a mutual benefit method to provide clients with high service quality, reliability, cost containment, increased efficiency and new insights to convert plans into actions. Apart from focusing on customer satisfaction, Boddu believes that the company's value system is an important aspect that demonstrates to employees and clients about commitment towards achieving service excellence. Swift Pace's five value pillars include integrity, accountability, excellence, trust and respect. By adhering to ethical practices, the company ensures that they respect their customers, employee opinion and diversity.

What's next for Swift Pace? In the words of Boddu, "there is a great potential and platform to do a lot more in IT service sector, but we believe in creating a balance between fulfilling customer expectation and creating a human resources pipeline with consultants having varied IT skills. This is the biggest challenge for IT service providers globally." The company envisions revolutionizing IT services by finding ways to provide IT services with increased quality and cost effectiveness. "Producing value for our customers is an intangible asset and we are already achieving good results and hope to obtain more in the future. We are also investing in getting more products from our partners, including Service Cloud for customer service and analytics," he concludes.