Synerzip: Growth in Silicon Valley Combined With An Inventive Software Development Approach

An Agile process comes with the advantage of early and incremental deliverables, timely user involvement and continuous quality checks - all of which mitigates risks inherent in software development projects. However, CTOs often face the challenge of transforming software organizations to entirely follow Agile practices. "Few organizations might be able to follow Agile software development processes, but at a superficial level that usually does not create a better product, which is whole-heartedly adopted by the intended users," begins Hemant Elhence, Founder and CEO of Synerzip. Moreover, the Agile method may help build better software but does not necessarily define the right software to be built, whichled to the introduction of Lean Startup principles.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, with presence in Silicon Valley, CA, Synerzip follows Agile methodology with Lean Startup principles, offering in-depth expertise in software product development process to venture-backed small and mid-sized software enterprises. Due to the company's recent growth in Silicon Valley, Synerzip was ranked by Inc. Magazine on its annual Inc. 500|5000 award for the 5th consecutive year. Synerzip is a dual shore-U.S. and India based-outsourced product development (OPD) company with Agile software development expertise to help organizations scale-up their engineering operations in a capital efficient manner."Our dedicated software team is tailored for each client needs, combined with the required skills,including mobile, cloud, big-data analytics and enterprise software,"
Hemant Elhence,Founder & CEO

Hemant Elhence

Founder & CEO

says Elhence. With focus on delivering cutting-edge technology, Synerzip consistently leverages the newest technological trend-MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node) stack while developing software applications for organizations. By using the MEAN stack, Synerzip brings best-of-breed combination of proven JavaScript tools and empowers clients with a team that can perform both front-end development as well as backend database development, following the same programming language, JavaScript. "We hold expertise on MEAN stack and allow developers to do end-to-end full stack development and become cross-functional, which are a valuable in the Agile way of building software," adds Elhence. "In addition, current organizations are extensively utilizing mobile devices to access, both social media as well as classical enterprise applications." In order to support the large number of mobile devices, Synerzip is extensively utilizing MEAN stack to deliver highly scalable software that can support different connections anywhere and anytime into the database.The company works as a co-development partner
for venture-backed software enterprises in their growth phase. Maintaining highly collaborative relationship with every client, Synerzip's dual shore model enables them to perform work with clients from different time zones while preserving complete transparency in their work processes. In one such instance, ExamSoft, a venture-backed software organization building software for designing, conducting and analyzing exams, worked with Synerzip to develop variety of products. "We enhanced ExamSoft's portfolio which included an iPad offering for secure testing of students in professional programs and higher education across the globe," notesn Elhence. "We performed development work for ExamSoft, which included browser-based, mobile and iPad development by integrating Agile practices, cloud-based delivery and DevOps methodology." Synerzip's past experiences in the iOS domain and key leadership skills along with ExamSoft's internal teams, infrastructure and expert knowledge of electronic testing methods combined to drive a truly game-changing product for their customers.

While nurturing an entrepreneurial and learning culture, the company follows the Lean startup philosophy of build, measure and learn, bringing sustainable innovation in the technological industry, while minimizing an organizations' capital investment. Forging ahead, Synerzip plans to grow with the changing market and become a better partner to clients using improved technology and practices, while delivering enhanced software for clients worldwide.