Tavant Technologies: Customer-Oriented Approach Backed by a Combination of Technology Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Sarvesh Mahesh,CEO In the current business arena, dominated by technological advancements and widening benchmarks for achieving financial growth, enterprises across the world look for technology solutions to drive growth and gain strategic advantage. Enterprises want leading-edge technology solutions, which help to improve internal processes, ensure end-customer benefits and in parallel, make them more efficient.

Over the last few years, there has been significant development in how solution providers react to these requirements. However, in spite of this advancement, there is a continuing demand for solutions and services that address the challenges and critical success factors of enterprises belonging to unique industry segments and provide services and solutions which are tailor-made to address their specific requirements.

Embracing these trends and remaining in the forefront, is Tavant Technologies, a specialized software solutions & services provider that leverages its expertise to provide impactful results to its customers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The firm, founded in the year 2000 by Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO, has, over the years, gained reputation for innovative and game-changing solutions that is the combined result of industry experience and expertise. For the company, both technology and industry knowledge are equally important and that has been a key differentiator in how Tavant approaches its clients� requirements.

Why Tavant?
The services provided by Tavant include application development
and maintenance, business intelligence & analytics solutions, mobility, software testing, and legacy applications modernization. These services are deployed across various niche domains including Consumer Lending, Capital Markets, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, and eRetail. Tavant enables customers to automate multifaceted business processes, implement appropriate technologies as they emerge, incrementally promote existing platforms, and deploy end-to-end solutions that compliment organizational objectives on a long-term basis.

As a globally recognized forerunner in leveraging open source technologies, off-the-shelf tools and distributed methodologies for faster go-to-market solutions, Tavant has deployed several key enterprise and consumer facing applications.

Enduring Commitment to Customers
The ISO 27001 certification and SEI-CMMI level 4 compliance are testimonies to Tavant's unwavering commitment to customers and has resulted in long-standing customer relationships. Tavant's commitment to total customer satisfaction has differentiated it from other companies and has helped Tavant to establish mutually beneficial long term relationships with its top-notch customer base.

Says Sarvesh, "Every single project is important as it helps to establish a new relationship or strengthen an existing one. Our obsession with customer satisfaction, has ensured that we always remain focused on clients and helped us nurture and manage customer relationships over long periods of time."

Strong and Committed Workforce
Tavant's focus on domain expertise-led solutions to resolve core business problems has resulted in an empowered workforce with strong expertise in both industry verticals and technology. To ensure that employees are constantly up-to-date with technology innovations, Tavant keeps its workforce updated with the latest happenings in technology and industry segments by encouraging them to participate in industry tradeshows. Not just limited to
participation, employees can also benefit from Tavant's Centers of Excellence and certification programs.

All these initiatives have been fundamental drivers in ensuring that Tavant's workforce remain committed to a customer inclusive environment, even as they create ground-breaking solutions for them.

Preferring an Open-Kitchen Concept
Talk to Tavant people and they will describe their company as an open-kitchen � a place of complete transparency for customers, where there are no hidden facts or grey areas. The transparent approach combined with unmatched industry expertise has led the organization to add new verticals and customers to its already existing industry knowledge and customer base.

The best-shore delivery model from Tavant, enables close interaction with clients and its wide-ranging products and services have been deployed by prestigious industry players including Ingersoll Rand, Land O�Lakes, Federal Signal, TiVo, Electronic Arts and many others.

Today, Tavant features among those few companies enjoying a strong foothold in strategic locations such as London, New York, Bangalore, and Noida apart from its Santa Clara headquarters.

Adhering to Core Values
Demonstrating a strong adherence to its organizational vision, of being an expert in each market the company enters, Tavant offers exceptional value and return on investments to clients.

The company follows a collaborative model of stakeholders which includes employees, clients and shareholders.

The Future
Tavant has great plans for the future, and aims to continue achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Says Sarvesh, "We believe that the route to customer satisfaction is through in-depth knowledge and expertise and the ability to use that knowledge to drive customer success."