Saanvi Technologies: Providing All the Elements for Successful Technology Initiatives

Yashasvi Shankar   ,President & COO

Yashasvi Shankar

President & COO

The IT industry is always under-equipped with the right resources needed to fulfill a project. Most of the projects in the industry today are using resources to use multiple technologies to save money unlike the past where there was the usage of different resources for different skills.

Farmington Hills, MI based Saanvi Technologies, an IT Staffing, Projects, Training and Consulting Services provider, identifies such project's needs and provides resources with multiple skills which in turn helps save a lot of unnecessary expenditure for their client. Headed by President & COO, Yashasvi Shankar, the company's training provides these consultants to be well equipped to handle any kind of tasks that may arise in a cost effective project they handle on a day to day basis.

"I would like to wholeheartedly thank my Parents, My brother and his family, all my friends and relatives and finally my wife and my daughter for their extreme support in building Saanvi technologies which would not have been possible without them."

I would like to thank my great ever agile team of Savitha, Priya, Srikanth, Geetha, Naeem and our rest of our in house team for their unbiased hard work towards their company SAANVI

Countering the Painpoints
The company offers its IT application and Development services to small to medium sized clients. Outsourced services are offered in 3 models; Managed and developed Onshore,managed and developed Offshore, Managed Onshore developed offshore. It provides these services to clients
that rely on our domain expertise.

The product development service is provided to clients that depend on its domain expertise. "We have invested and helped build products in the IT staffing and human capital management domains," adds Yashasvi.

The staff augmentation services of the company are focused towards medium and large clients. Consulting engagements or staffing assignments run from six months to two years. In many cases they pass through a primary vendor for assignments.

And for the Large IT and ITES services the company has formed strategic partnerships with companies that can assist with implementation and delivery of large IT and IT enabled projects.

The Differentiating Factor
The company has a large amount of technology expertise which ranges from Java, J2EE, SharePoint, Pega, SAP, Oracle Applications, Peoples Soft, and JD Edwards in Enterprise Resource Planning to Web methods, Websphere, Weblogic, Series, TIBCO, Vitria, and See Beyond in Enterprise Application Integration. It also spans to Siebel, Oracle, SAP, and Peoples Soft in Customer Relationship Management to Java J2EE, Sun, Microsoft Technologies, C++, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, and DB2 in Client Server Systems. Add to this their knowledge in Business Objects, Micro strategy, Cognos, SAS, Terradata in BI and Data Warehousing and Rational Tools, Visio, Erwin, Mercury tools in Systems Design, Development and Testing;all this makes up the crucial differentiator of the company. The firm hence has always been ahead of the competition.

Some of the clients of Saanvi include FORD Motor Company, AVON, Loreal, Freddie Mac, and GE Capital from the Financial Services industry. The company's clients also include big names from the automobile industry such as FORD, GM and Chrysler. Saanvi has also attracted clients from the mobile telecom industry such as 3Com, Verizon, SBC, AT&T.

The Healthcare and Insurance also
has been a vertical where the company has found a lot of traction. A testament to this would be the names of clients such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pfizer. Saanvi's services are also used by the Governments of MI, FL and NY.

Keeping the First STEP into the Future
Continuing to innovate, Saanvi Technologies is coming up with its proprietary product STEP. This enterprise portal has been developed to help small business around the world to convert their business model into a more effective,easy and on the go accessed website.

"A small business can handle all its business with just implementing STEP. STEP is built using SharePoint 2013 which is the latest in development software," mentions Yashasvi. Main features of STEP include, Employee access,employee download documents, Company job orders, Employee video conferencing with the employer, a secured document access for employees where ever they maybe in the world, a complete employee performance tracking device and the employer can do his business sitting at home by just having STEP implemented into his company.

"We built STEP as we wanted to minimize in-house meetings,discussions which we feel is always just 30 to 40 percent effective. Instead we wanted each employee to perform his or her duties and update that accordingly in the system which could be accessed by others higher ranks and a feedback given immediately which saved lot of time and the necessity for everyone to be humanly present," says Yashasvi.

For a company that has done so much already the road map is still to control getting bombarded by the ever increasing hype of information technology and to focus on increasing the efficiency to near perfection. Saanvi technologies is increasing its effective resources pool by providing excellent onsite and online training to selective consultants to meet the market demand and it will keep pace accordingly.