Sureline Systems: Eliminating Complexities Associated With BCDR

Ravi (Ravender) Goyal,Co-Founder, President & CEO

Ravi (Ravender) Goyal

Co-Founder, President & CEO

Digital assets are a pivotal piece of today's business operations, and without the continuous availability of these digital assets, businesses will fail within a short period of time. Both the value and the volume of digital assets have skyrocketed, but technologies to protect them have not properly kept up. For large global enterprises, downtime of their mission critical digital assets can cost millions of dollars per hour and mean the loss of credibility and customer loyalty. Traditional methods to keep digital assets available are incredibly expensive, complex, and require extensive human resources. As a result, Fortune 500 companies generally use a BCDR solution only for their mission critical data, utilizing expensive, redundant disk arrays, employing multiple software solutions, and off-site co-locations. This practice leaves much of their other critical data exposed. These risks are even more prevalent in medium size enterprises.

Enter Santa Clara, CA, Sureline, which provides enterprise-grade disaster recovery solutions with a high ROI. Founded in 2009 and headed by Ravi (Ravender) Goyal,
Co-Founder and President, the company's SUREedge's platform fills this gaping hole and provides a business continuity solution for all operational data without the need for massive resources. By developing the best of different business continuity and disaster recovery technologies and then combining them into one management system, SUREedge eliminates many of the complexities typically associated with BCDR, and with them much of the cost. Whether recovering a lost file, undoing the havoc of virus, or keeping a business running despite a hardware failure or complete site failure, SUREedge keeps key digital assets continuously available.

The Business Model
Sureline Systems currently offers the SUREedge's BCDR Platform; though there are multiple ways it may be deployed. "Sureline offers two flexible licensing models for our solution. A traditional perpetual licensing with yearly software and hardware support model fits the need for some enterprises and channel partners. For other enterprises and channel partners that wish to keep their capex expenses low, Sureline offers a monthly SaaS subscription model," Shawn Clouse, Director of Sales and Channel Development at Sureline Systems. He goes onto say, "We have developed a two-pronged approach to reach our customer base. Sureline is forging an OEM relationship with a Fortune100 company which is already well entrenched in the datacenters of global large enterprises. To reach out to mid level enterprise customers, Sureline is developing channel partners worldwide such as Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers, Systems Integrators and
large distributors."

Differentiating Itself from the Rest
Key elements of an end-to-end Business Continuity solution include reliable backup and recovery of data and applications running on physical and virtual severs whether it is VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen or any other virtual environment, remote and cloud replication, data reduplication, compression, high level encryption for data security, wide area bandwidth optimization, data and applications recovery in remote location and revert back to the local location.

Keeping this in mind, Sureline's solution is the first and the only solution that covers all aspects of Business Continuity elements in a single platform that is easy to deploy, easy to use and provides the best ROI. It is the only end-to-end complete BCDR solution in the market that is hardware agnostic, Cloud agnostic, and offers agentless deployment. SUREedge also offers the best integrated business continuity solution with Micorsoft's Azure Cloud, which makes it very attractive for Microsoft channel partners.

The Roadmap Ahead
Since the company's solution is built to be flexible, it will continue to work with both channel and enterprise markets. But the firm does plan on improving on its proactive management tools to make their customers' BCDR experience easy and worry-free. Sureline is also working on application specific workflows to further simplify value-added use cases such as data migration and testing/development.