ThoughtSpot: Taking Data Analysis to New Heights

Ajeet Singh,Co-founder & CEO

Ajeet Singh

Co-founder & CEO

Big data is the latest buzzword in the enterprises sector. According to the recent reports, from 2014, the amount of data handled by organizations is likely to double every 1.2 years. Nowadays, an organization's success greatly depends on assessment of available data, which has forced organizations to search for innovative methods of data assessment. Amidst all these
developments, big datastill has room for betterment. This scenario attracted the attention of founders of ThoughtSpot, a company working towards transforming the existing ways of accessing and analyzing business data.

The company, led by Ajeet Singh, Co-founder and CEO, and headquartered at Redwood City, California, is devoted to addressing the "Last Mile" problem for business data for enterprises, a detailed procedure that commences from basics of data. Coming to the distinguished products by the firm, 'ThoughtSpot Data Search Appliance' empowers on-the-fly access as well as analysis of data following the standards set by enterprises. The process is carried out by incorporating 'ThoughtSpot Data Search Engine', a different kind of search engine exclusively designed for relational data, and the 'ThoughtSpot In-memory
Database', which is a scale-out columnar in-memory database developed from scratch.

The unique enterprise-class products from ThoughtSpot are widely regarded as easy to use and manage. They are designed for ease-of-use like Bing and Google, and to be scalable, elastic and secure. Also, the database solutions from the 2012 founded firm are designed to take data analysis to new heights. With their products, it is possible to promptly search and assess data while quality is assessed and ensured.

The ThoughtSpot team of exceptionally knowledgeable professionals has earned hard-core experience in developing search engines, business intelligence, database as well as distributed systems for industry leaders including Oracle, Facebook, Google, Amazon and many others.