Uniken Systems: Helping the World to Experience a Secure Digital Enterprise

Sanjay Deshpande,CEO & CIOThe worldwide adaption to digital channels has brought to the front, the need for providing faultless security for transactions, simplify security transactions, introduce new services at a faster speed, generate new revenue streams and more than anything else, ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. These are critical aspects involved in maintaining long-lasting relationship that are key to success of an organization, given the level
of competitiveness prevalent in the world. These are the latest concerns daunting the digital enterprise and banking sector, which the Odessa, Florida based company Uniken Systems is successfully trying to address.

The organization was set up in 2003 and delivers security solutions for a number of financial institutions and banks, and presently claims to cater to over a million users on the flagship REL-ID platform.

Uniken, recognized as a market leader in developing 'Secure Digital Experiences' by employing its patented technologies, capable of taking care of the trusted relationships between an organization and its customers, employees as well as partners. The firm also aims to enable a next generation digitalization experience. Uniken is also aware of the fact that the advent of
technologically advanced ways of online services to customers, has paved way for a different range of threats which are capable of upsetting traditional security controls and adversely impacting the customers, partners and employees of an organization. As part of tackling these concerns,Uniken, banking upon these technologies again, created at Uniken Innovation Center, assists in securing the organization's trusted relationships at all levels.

The firm, led by Sanjay Deshpande, CEO & Chief Information Officer, works towards the vision of advancing to a globally appreciated enterprise security technology company, powered by a world-class innovation oriented ecosystem, intended to solve problems impacting human lives. The ultimate aim behind these attempts is to make the world a secure place.