Vibrant: A New Era for Precision Health

Praduman Jain,Founder & CEO

Praduman Jain

Founder & CEO

It’s 2017 and we’re still not riding our own space ships to our offices. Nevertheless, we have advanced where it truly matters; personalization has grown beyond the limits of e-Commerce and other service industries to foray into the healthcare sector. The future of developing new cures is headed towards personalized treatment. Today, we are on the cusp of medical and scientific breakthroughs never before possible – ushered in by Multi-omics, Phenotyping, Bioinformatics and Computational Capacity. Like never before, the convergence of multiple fields of science and technology are coming together to develop new treatments. We’re seeing rapid translational pathways from scientific research to consumer deployments at a scale and speed never before possible. vibrent Health is powering this next generation of precision medicine where wearable sensors, data science, machine learning, AI and analytics pave the way for actionable insights that reimagine health in new ways.

DataDriven Personalized Health for All

To understand why we need the convergence of multiple fields of science & technology to ameliorate health via personalization, let’s take a look at the simple case of a migraine. The reason behind a migraine is intertwined with many aspects - behavioural, environmental, nutritional, medicinal or even genomic - of our life. To chart out a successful care plan to treat the migraine, we need to have a holistic view of our health that aggregates respective data from all these aspects. Accomplishing precisely this with its revolutionary platform is vibrent Health, a Fairfax, Virginia, U.S. based company with an office in Pune, India. Building high quality, sustainable and industry-proven products for B2B organizations, this global company at the intersection of science, technology & research is poised to dramatically advance technology, precision medicine, healthcare, medical research and life sciences.

vibrent’s ground-breaking precision medicine platform enables consumers to lead healthier lives by creating health management & health monitoring programs for hundreds of use cases, while facilitating its B2B clients - public health departments, medical device companies, life science companies and pharmaceuticals - to improve their algorithm nimbly with population data. vibrent’s ap-proach ensures that the latest scientific discoveries are translated effectively into real-world clinical and behavioural applications. “We strive to predict & pre-empt diseases, mitigate & cure diseases, optimize performance & resilience, and generate novel personalized therapeutic options that impact millions of lives,” states Praduman Jain, Founder & CEO, vibrent Health. Additionally, its SaaS model and technology strategy allows it to rapidly deliver results at a global scale within a cost-efficient model.

The Formidable vibrent Learning Health System

Each customer has unique challenges across the continuum of care, individual lifespan, process efficiency, improved outcomes and cost optimization. Efficiently addressing this is the vibrent Learning Health System, a highly integrated, flexible platform covering medical research, patient engagement, data collection with passive & active sensing, patient engagement and feedback, education, communication, automated coaching, machine learning and analytics. It provides actionable insights from advances in genomics, bio-markers, environmental science, electronic health records (EHRs), consumer technologies, life-style research and social determinants of health to create a personalized health journey for end users.

An innovator with several patents to his credit, Praduman has held various senior leadership roles in technology, telecom, media and health industries at Sprint, Nextel, AOL, Time Warner and VTech, where he launched emerging products & services that created revenues of $2 billion. He was the founding Chair of mHealth initiative of Continua Health Alliance, an open industry alliance of 240 healthcare and technology organizations driving interoperability guidelines.

vibrent’s Learning Health System was chosen by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States to provide the technology backbone for its historic Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), engaging more than one million Americans over the next three years. This landmark initiative is being closely watched by pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, insurance companies/ payers, global health entities, scientists, physicians and researchers – for its outcomes will be referenced for decades to come.

Delivering its solutions on all major smartphones and tablets, vibrent is on its way to becoming one of the largest personalized health management platforms in the U.S. The platform combines the power of data from disparate sources to drive scientific discoveries that are combined to enable large-scale digital therapeutics deployments at scale and speed. The platform delivered through SaaS business model enables sustained motivation through integration of patient engagement, evidence-based guidelines, content, wearable devices, patient-reported outcomes and technology enabled remote coaching.

vibrent also offers a robustTeledermatology platform. This proven mHealth solution is backed by the American Academy of Dermatology and addresses huge shortage of dermatologists in the U.S. by helping people outside big cities to remotely consult with dermatologists when they need it. It stands out even amongst vibrent’s portfolio of successful customized solutions for cancer survivorship, artificial pancreas, heart failure, depression, epilepsy, neurological diseases, mood disorders and others, as it is utilized by more than 500 providers to date. “There are a very few jobs like this that can give you the satisfaction of helping people everyday,” says an impassioned Praduman.

Defying Stereotypes

One typical roadblock that hinders doctors and health coaches from treating patients is data scarcity. vibrent shatters this barrier through their 360˚ view of data utilizing wireless sensors & wearable devices, combining them with patient journal, fitness, and environmental & genomic data. This 360˚ holistic view of a patient’s health adds tremendous value to patients and enhances efficiency, as the doctor/health coach can easily diagnose the root cause of the disease and manage it. As impressive as that sounds, the company also facilitates the patient’s friends and family to participate and motivate them to achieve health goals – based on a consumer’s personalized rules, permission & consent.

Catering to diverse, geographically distributed individuals, patients, communities and populations with various gender, age groups and literacy levels with one system, vibrent allows high degrees of customization. Besides user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design customizations, the company can create any type of business rules that drive personalized experiences and deliver any kind of content.
One use case for the vibrent Learning Health System is medica¬tion management. While other med-ication reminder apps merely remind people to take a medication, vibrent’s comprehensive medication manage¬ment & adherence program enables a high quality adherence with robust medication management strategy, understanding of human behaviour, tools to interact with patients, ana¬lytics, machine learning and engag¬ing content. The company innovates around understanding constantly changing human behaviour (habits, culture, likes & dislikes) and brings that into cutting-edge technologies. “It’s all about patient engagement. We stand apart with a holistic ap¬proach to adherence that includes medical, bio-behavioural, and edu¬cational aspects coupled with pro¬viding the communications channel to allow our clients to provide re¬mote nurse and telehealth support,” says Praduman.

vibrent is rapidly growing through an unprecedented ecosystem of public-private partnerships and in-dustry-academic collaborations that help uncover new therapies based on real-world evidence and scientif¬ic rigor. One such paragon is the life saving mHealth solution artificial pancreas, which the company is cur¬rently building with an institution. This biomedical device installed on a patient’s body constantly senses insulin levels through an electrode/ sensor. Based on this data, vibrent’s mHealth solution informs a pump device (attached to the patient’s body) regarding the exact time and amount of insulin to be injected in patient’s body.

Security is a Priority

To safeguard such sensitive data, vibrent utilizes four proven design concepts: Authenticate (all compo¬nents at every step, not just the pe¬rimeter), Authorize (explicitly to ac¬cess all data), Audit (all data access is logged to a different system, with alerts for anomalous events), and Encrypt (all data-in-transit & at-rest). Vesting utmost importance on data privacy, the company takes a multi-layer defence indepth approach to security and applies an iterative risk-based approach to implement security at all layers of the system. As vibrent avails white-label & co-branding options to its customers, its high quality processes & method¬ologies enable its customers to meet various regulatory compliances and guidelines such as CE mark, FDA 510k, ISO 13485, IEC62306, SSAE16, ISO 14971 and others. Moreover, it leverages components from the NIST Risk Management Framework (NIST SP 800-39), the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the Security & Priva¬cy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations (NIST SP 800-53 r4); most notable is its Feder¬al Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Pro¬gram (FedRAMP) compliancy and numerous certifications.