ZeOmega: Industry Ready Solutions in the Population HealthCare Management Space

Sathya Rangaswamy,Founder & CEO

Sathya Rangaswamy

Founder & CEO

There are a number of common denominators in all of new healthcare concepts that have gained momentum in recent years. Reform initiatives have shifted the focus of healthcare from the individual case to population health management, and with this there has been a rapid evolution of capabilities in the service of an ongoing and collaborative healthcare model. The bottom line essentially is to find ways to make care more affordable and effective, and fostering greater communication among stakeholders, primarily patients, their doctors, insurance companies, and other related entities that provide or help manage care.

Texas headquartered ZeOmega has been a leader in this new generation of care management. Since its inception in 2001, ZeOmega is very well-positioned to meet the changing needs of healthcare organizations in the post-reform environment and has been at the forefront of innovation in health information technology. The firm's philosophy has always been to stay well ahead of market trends and to develop product offerings in advance of needs arising. According to Sathya Rangaswamy, founder and CEO, ZeOmega, "This approach has served us very well because it has enabled us to accommodate clients' needs with deployment-ready products that help them meet immediate challenges".

"They also serve as long-term solutions, thanks to their ability to grow, adapt, and change along with our clients' requirements, adds the CEO. The healthcare industry has been witnessing rapid changes and this has been in a more comprehensive way than it ever has, and ZeOmega has shaped up in a position of great strength to observe these changes, capitalize on opportunities and help healthcare organizations succeed.
The firm's primary technologies are specifically designed to help organizations generate better care at lower costs thereby enabling each entity to operate more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the firm's advanced systems also enable seamless, bi-directional communication that gives each stakeholder a consistent view of the patient's health scenario including the patients themselves which streamlines processes, eliminates errors, and results in better care and costs savings. It also helps the patient become an informed and active participant in their own care, which is another major mandate of the recent reform act and other such initiatives.

Jiva- Ensuring Faster, but Efficient Patient Progress
ZeOmega's flagship product Jiva, a population healthcare management platform is an extremely flexible and modular solution that expands and contracts according to a company's needs. Jiva helps all types of healthcare organizations manage patient care more efficiently and affordably, while enabling open communication among all of the stakeholders in the healthcare continuum. With Jiva, physicians, patients, insurers, ancillary care providers such as long-term care facilities and rehab clinics can all have a consistent view of the individual patient's health situation, and then communicate with each other accordingly. In the past, this type of communication was difficult, if not altogether non-existent, and one of the primary aims of reform and other new healthcare concepts is to increase collaboration to lower costs and improve care quality. Jiva facilitates this on many levels.

A Modular Technology on Offer and 'Service-After-the-Sale'
ZeOmega's primary philosophy, leaps and bounds differentiates itself from the rest of the lot. According to Sathya, the firm's intention is not to be the biggest or most profitable company in its industry. "We simply want to be the best at what we do, and this has guided us to consistent growth and prosperity for over a decade," adds the CEO. The firm is heavily committed to a research and development process that enables them to listen to their existing clients, and the market in general. Then, by understanding their needs, the firm then creates solutions in advance which are market-ready and implements those in the pick of
time. The firm's modular technology offers to be nimble and scalable characterized and suited for varying conditions. With such scalable solutions on offer, Healthcare organizations can purchase what they need at a given time, and then continually modify, add, and expand according to their changing needs. Apart from serving as a software vendor, the firm also looks to be associated with its clients as a strategic partner too. The firm takes pride on 'service-after-the-sale', a unique service model involving continuous interactions with clients to ensure that they are getting maximum return on investment on the products it offers.

A Scalable Approach for the Future
Historically, ZeOmega has had a lot of success in the healthcare payer market, particularly with large Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, and the firm's versatile solutions have also been serving various healthcare organizations in an effective manner. ZeOmega has found great traction in provider organizations and value-based care initiatives, such as Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes, given the current nature of the healthcare market. As a result, in keeping up with its longstanding business approach, the firm has been developing solutions that these types of organizations need to better manage their patient populations. Inspired by the industry's overwhelming response to its service adoptions and usage, the firm has planned to introduce a number of new enhancements. Mobile application and Jiva content for managing care transitions are among the many others on the radar of its services that will help providers and value-based operations perform more efficiently and provide better care quality to patients.

Prospecting an exciting time for the healthcare in United States, a Juvenile Sathya says "We feel that we are operating from a position of great strength to anticipate market needs and have the tools and solutions ready when they are needed. We are also encouraged by opportunities for expansion outside of the U.S. We can leverage our experience domestically in other parts of the world that have begun to experience the same kind of healthcare challenges due to chronic diseases and demography change".