ZionTech: Mitigating the Risks of Implementing and Maintaining Security Solutions

Ashok Anumandla,CEOIt wasn't long ago when cloud computing combined with mobile computing. The organizations across the world were amazed with the impact it introduced in day to day business and it kick-started enterprise mobility revolution. Technological advancements however come with new risks and vulnerabilities and they pose new challenges in this modern business era. So,how to keep up with attacks when there is a shortage of IT a security skill and with rising costs to secure our enterprise and data? How fast can we address security and compliance challenges, without allowing them to threaten our core business goals? One of the key barriers in the adoption of cloud and mobile computing for enterprises continues to be the challenge around security and compliance.

The overgrowing demand of having secure cloud services coupled with identity and access management (IAM) needs,spurred the inception of San Jose, CA based, ZionTech Solutions.In addition to delivering award-winning (best of breed)Security System Integration Services, ZionTech Solutions also develops world-class cloud based software applications. Its two primary business line include:

Security System Integration Services
Information Exchange portfolio of product offerings ZionTech System Integration Services offers a deep (wide) enterprise security portfolio

with Security services customizedto customer needs. It helps customers optimize Database Security & identity and access management practices, stop advanced threats, protect critical assets, safeguard the cloud and mobile and use security as a competitive advantage.As an example, ZionTech services recently helped a large financial organization facing challenges around centralized access management. The customer's business critical reliance on their existing Microsoft Active Directory based user repository meant there was no room for changes to their existing deployment environment. Based on evaluation of the business needs and technical requirements, ZionTech services team was able to design an architecture and implement a solution that not just met the customer need but also enabled the organization to have a unified view of user identity, improved compliance and reduced auditing and administration cost.Again the client was able to shed-off the cost and overhead associated with helpdesk calls, resulting in major cost-savings with improved user experience.

ZionTech offers a cloud based application product portfolio that is designed ground-up to address needs of the modern day extended enterprise. The Information Exchange Cloud Platform from ZionTech helps business achieve superior digital experience for consumers though mobile enabling them to expand market and revenue streams through multiple channels and allows them to connect employees and partners to enterprise data anywhere, anytime. "Whatever is your business, ZionTech Information Exchange cloud platform can help you see new business opportunities and innovate faster" delineates Ashok Anumandla, CEO at ZionTech.

Information Exchange Cloud platform provides following 3 cloud services.

1) ZionTech Social and Business Cloud Service (OneTeam): A social work management platform that enables collaboration among employees, customers, partners and boosts productivity. "Social and Business Cloud Service enables increased social, mobile, and analytic capabilities to help organization deliver the experience customers expect and performance the market demands", Ashok states.

2) ZionTech Integration Cloud Service (WIX): An API Management platform that comes pre-loaded with connection to SaaS applications that a customer has subscription to. "It's a single platform to maintain and manage end-user's integration experience, provides end-to-end visibility and brings optimization in building mobile applications", says Ashok.

3) ZionTech Mobile Cloud Service (Wave):The next generation mobile messaging tool developed by the company helps simplify the mobile evolution with a mobile messaging platform for the enterprise. It's designed to help clients set their mobile strategy, re-define their interactions with customers, seamlessly integrate mobile into their business and manage the mobile environment for interactions with stakeholders in an unprecedented way.

Apart from introducing best-in-class IT solutions, Ziontech is also at the forefront of bridging the gap between industry and academia and works closely with leading educational institutes. "Often what you learn in school is not exactly the same as what you work in the industry," points Ashok. There lies a difference between theoretical knowledge and hands-on work experience. "We intend to help bridge the gap and provide students and future workforce with tools and trainings that better prepares them to succeed,prior to their entry to the corporate world," Ashok concludes.