Zymr Systems: Redefining Mobility Technology in Agile Cloud Era

Haresh Kumbhani,Chief Executive Officer

Haresh Kumbhani

Chief Executive Officer

In this interconnected economy, cloud-mobility has become a de-facto for streamlining workload and enhancing enterprise productivity.It has driven consumers' expectation for seamless user experience(UX),flawless functionality, personalized and location aware mobility solution. However, due to this growing anticipation for higher UX in web browsers, tablets and smartphones, most organizations struggle to ensure consumers' needs are appropriately met. Santa Clara,CA based Zymr addresses this market demand with their extensive domain expertise across the modern cloud stack."We build custom cloud software solutions that are designed to scale and take advantage of promising open source technologies across mobility,"starts Haresh Kumbhani, CEO, Zymr.

Zymr is well equipped to decipher the qualitative differences between libraries, languages, and processes of open sourced technologies to ensure the scalability without compromising the system security. The firm is focused on meeting the heterogeneous needs of both
mobile enterprises and individuals along with driving their social networking activity and capturing
user behavior for positive innovation through effective mobile analytics. Today enterprises are looking for frictionless data access through user friendly applications, clean dashboards and push notifications that is supported by industrial grade security. Zymr meets these needs by building enterprise and carrier grade mobility applications with distinct experience between desktop, tablet and smartphone access.

We build custom cloud software solutions that are designed to scale and take advantage of promising open source echnologies across mobility

However when it comes to itinerant consumers, who are extremely finicky about UX, pixel perfect mobile application combined with deep personalization and responsive design is the ultimate key to keep them engaged."We have built our cloud-mobility solution keeping the changing needs of today's internet native customers," says Kumbhani. "Zymr has taken mobile applications to the next level with in-line inference based algorithms to delight the most selective users."

The innovation team at Zymr has further recognized,"as social networking continues to be diffused into present society it is creating a major area of growth by expanding the peers in community."The company has adopted a Mobile Seed (m Seed)strategy for the customers that are targeting to build social networking apps with a mobile-only
presence while obviating the need for web user interface. Zymr collaborates with teams to customize their social circles and modes of interaction for sharing experiences and information with friends and peers. Additionally, by optimizing social presence, Zymr also helps companies to revamp the legacy monetization process with more innovative use of social advertisement.

Kumbhani believes, "While tuning enterprises' social presence and mobile work environment is important in this cloud era, capturing data related to customer behavior for driving effective innovation works as a next step in the growth ladder." Successful mobile data analytics helps companies measure the frequency of features used. Zymr assists them to implement various forms of instrumentation to collect and analyze data for generating business value. By analyzing user activity trends the company helps customers to determine effective monetization strategies. "We support clients on their revenue-generation journey by making innovative business models possible," extols Kumbhani.

Since the inception in 2012, Zymr has worked with several Silicon Valley based start-ups to optimize their mobile workforce and social presence. One of them is CyberFlow Analytics. Zymr designed and developed the visualization tier for their new security analytics product. Ultimately the company scaled and drove CyberFlow Analytics' business value across their multiple deployments. For the road ahead, Zymr is keeping various ace ideas up its sleeves to maintain its position in the world of mobility consumerization.