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  • 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Providers - 2015

    Siliconindia brings to you a comprehensive list of 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software  Solution Providers 2015. In our selection,  we took into consideration their potential to analyze and leverage the promising trends in the industry. These companies showed an  exceptional capability to outperform their  competitors in the field of innovation. The  list was compiled by VPs, CEOs, CIOs, and siliconindia editorial board.

20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Providers - 2015

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Axletree Solutions Axletree Solutions Mohan Murali, CEO & President Market challenges to CFO's, CIO's and Treasurers create the need to improve efficiencies (do more with less; utilize technology,
Cleo Cleo Mahesh Rajasekharan, CEO In today's dynamic business environment, data is considered a valuable asset for gaining insights to better support business decisions and serve customers.
Eyecube Solutions Eyecube Solutions Raju P. S., President A decade ago, a typical CIO of the energy and manufacturing industry was customarily entitled to secure an organization's valuable assets,
 Intellivision Intellivision Vaidhi Nathan, President and CEO With the changing demographics of business requirement, security has become the top priority to run business smoothly.
Expenseanywhere Expenseanywhere Dr. Ashok Dhar, President and CEO In the digitally empowered world, the corporate executives demand applications that are easy-to-use, provide instant access to data
 Iconnect Iconnect Amitesh Sinha, CIO The Enterprise Software landscape is changing dramatically, and there is a lot of inertia with promising technologies like cloud, SaaS offerings, mobile, analytics, and consumerization.
Procurify Procurify Aman Mann, CEO and Co-Founder The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement coupled with increasing adoption of Cloud is transforming the conventional method of doing business within as well as outside organizations.
Sirionlabs Sirionlabs Ajay Agrawal, Founder and CEO Trends in enterprise technology are driven by evolving market dynamics and the accompanying changes in business requirements.
Sparkcognition Sparkcognition Amir Husain, Founder and CEO The increase in data analytics and extraction of meaningful data has become a core component of running business, supporting innovation
Verificient Technologies Verificient Technologies Tim Dutta, CEO Today, technology is at the forefront of education sector, streamlining decades-old processes with minimum human effort, and maximizing returns.