• Outsourced Product Development - January 2015 issue
  • 20 Most Promising OPD Companies 2015

    The improvements in the global economic scenario have turned the spotlight on certain domains such as Outsourced Product Development or OPD, which has gained strong traction in the current business scenario. Another trend that accelerated the popularity of OPD as well as its future prospects is the interest shown by ISVs on the recent technologies and emerging trends and platforms. Further, the popularity of OPD is turning highly comprehensive as it is becoming popular among small, medium as well as big sectors. In the U.S., OPD has turned an escalating trend owing to the transitory nature of markets, evolved customer expectations and technologies. These developments have made today's product firms more customer-facing and it has become more than crucial to implement...

20 Most Promising OPD Companies 2015

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