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  • Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2017

    Unifying the computing universe and all its advanced technologies under the cloud banner isn’t just a new norm today and in a world inflicted with ‘data explosion’ consternations, the necessity of the cloud have assumed much greater significance. The global market has witnessed a prolific rise in the adoption of cloud-based 'as-a-service' solutions across numerous industries like healthcare, banking, logistics, IoT, education, communications, and much more. As Forbes predicts global cloud expenditures to reach a gargantuan 320 billion by 2020 and progress beyond at an explosive growth rate, enterprise executives are betting their whole business futures on the cloud, investing extensively in cloud-based innovations, solutions, and services. In the U.S. market,...

Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bolt.today Bolt.today Jayant Umrani, Founder & CEO Focuses on understanding customer experience, business direction, and delivering value
ZeroStack ZeroStack Ajay Gulati, CEO & Co-founder Removes the complexity of building and managing a private cloud
Prisio Technologies Prisio Technologies Ravi Balakrishnan, Partner Offering comprehensive business solutions by leveraging Oracle technologies
Trigent Software Trigent Software Chuck Rehberg, CTO Help organizations to maximize their returns from the cloud investments by building impactful and disruptive cloud-native web, mobile, and IoT solutions