Axletree Solutions: Ensuring Success of Critical Business Initiatives

Mohan Murali,    CEO & President

Mohan Murali

CEO & President

Market challenges to CFO's, CIO's and Treasurers create the need to improve efficiencies (do more with less; utilize technology, including increased STP (Straight Through Processing); to implement tighter controls increased exposure and cybersecurity require enhanced visibility of information); and compliance with the regulatory environment (SOX, anti-terrorist and antimoney- laundering actions, FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting).

Market pressures are forcing Treasurers to move away from Excel spreadsheets to TMS (Treasury Management Solutions), with a shift towards cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings. There is an increased demand for integrating bank communications and treasury automation solutions in the corporate sector. Furthermore, corporations implementing an enterprise solution today place greater emphasis on deployment model and data consolidation for better efficiency,
visibility, control and compliance. Based in North Brunswick, NJ, Axletree Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer best-in-class treasury automation solutions that seamlessly integrate with SWIFT and enhanced STP. "With a dedicated team of SWIFT & Treasury specialists, we deliver a wide range of progressive solutions," says Mohan Murali, CEO & President of Axletree. The company's suite offers SaaS-based Treasury Automation Solutions with integrated SWIFT Connectivity supported by Integration, Regulatory Compliance and Core Banking solutions to help corporations and banks efficiently manage, optimize, and improve their operations.

Axletree's leadership position in SWIFT connectivity to Banks and Corporates is substantiated by being one of only five companies in the world that has been awarded the SWIFT "Premier Operating Practices" label. Axletree's solutions provide the highest level and the broadest range of technical expertise related to implementation, support, maintenance and value-added solutions. Axletree's "Treasurytree", is a centralized SaaS-based Treasury Management Solution which addresses the challenges of financial data spread across multiple departments, geographical locations and currencies. The online treasury management solution automates processes and minimizes manual work, providing full visibility into organizational finances.Axletree's newest product "Symmetree" is a framework for providing a full range of integration services,
interconnecting different business applications and networks with a variety of message and document formats using a scalable STP engine. Axletree provides consulting services on a wide variety of projects with on-time delivery. The company also partners with leading product vendors in the industry and leverages their best of breed product to support its customers.

"By sharing expertise and investment in solutions across multiple customers we are able to deliver at reduced cost and ensure a much higher quality of our services," says Mohan. Axletree has helped many Fortune 500 and other corporations, banks and security institutions across the globe in solving problems by delivering end-to-end solutions.

Moving forward, Axletree has upgraded its existing infrastructure to provide enhanced performance, resiliency and reliability while increasing its ability to manage the tremendous growth in clients' needs and messaging volumes. "We are developing our products to deliver measurable solutions to our customers and solve their unique problems. We do this with a carefully selected, certified team of professionals who all share our totally Customer-centric approach, so we can deliver "Peace of Mind" to our customers by implementing projects on time and within budget. As a result, our customer satisfaction ratings are consistently rated at 9.8, 10.0 concludes Mohan.