Eyecube Solutions: Amalgamating Information, Insight, and Impact for Profound Success

Raju P. S.,   President

Raju P. S.


A decade ago, a typical CIO of the energy and manufacturing industry was customarily entitled to secure an organization's valuable assets, and bring solutions to manage the IT infrastructure. However, today as a direct result of game-changing technologies transforming every business process, CIO's role has transcended from being a guardian of the company's data to one who contributes to its growth, and profitability within the nerve fibers of their organizations. Due to this shift in responsibilities, executives are invariably struggling with a bevy of challenging tasks such as aligning KPIs, perceiving significant dynamics of the industry, requiring the competitive edge, and driving innovation within enterprises. "We believe that for any IT driven firm striving to be successful, it needs to have the blend the three I's— information, Insight, and Impact. Our DNA is built from these essential elements," delineates Raju P. S., President at Eyecube Solutions.

'I's'were laid by the founders Raju,President and Ajay Savant, the CEO of the company. Together they have fueled Eyecube Solutions with
the expertise and capabilities to Integrate IT applications with manufacturing automation systems, which deliver the required insight to C-level executives. It creates measureable business impacts needed for meeting client's KPI goals. "We understand the business and operating processes of industries and thereby are in the best position to deliver the measurable impact," says Raju.

Founded in 2012, Eyecube Solutions is committed to providing resilient IT consultancy and services to clients in energy and manufacturing verticals across the globe, through partnerships with prominent organizations. Besides its own technology and delivery capabilities, the company has an ecosystem of partners, both at the delivery and sales end. These partners enable Eyecube Solutions to extend and enhance their repertoire of services, to effectively and efficiently deliver them to the clients. For instance, Eyecube Solutions' partnership with Godrej Infotech enables them to deliver SAP, BAAN ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics services to their U.S. clients."We leverage our partner ecosystem in building niche solutions and frameworks that yield potential benefits to our clients," adds Raju.

Eyecube Solutions has armed itself with solutions like ETRMS, SCADA integration, and smart grid, driven by AGILE development methodology, which further extends its proficiency in delivering IT solutions to customers. The company has built capability and excellence in other key technologies as well,
such as Microsoft Share Point, Document Management, OSI Pi, SDL Tridion, and mobile solutions. In an implementation highlight, a client wanted the assistance of Eyecube Solutions in stabilizing their SharePoint site deployment. The client earlier was opting to invest heavily in procuring a third party digital asset management license for storing and retrieving their assets.

"We advised the client on cost effective alternate solutions that would deliver the same intended results. We always give our clients choices and options, with our recommendation on the best solution that fits his requirements and expectations" explains Raju. It prevents the client from investing heavily on a multiyear licensed product to an easily manageable and relatively cost effective solution. Bringing such innovative strategies to the table supported with unique delivery model, and process maturity are the competencies that differentiate Eyecube Solutions from the rest of players in the field. After manifesting as a credible start-up as a service provider in the IT landscape, Eyecube Solutions vision is now to become a product company in the next five to seven years. To achieve the product goal, Eyecube Technologies has been established, which also has the charter to focus on business in India, EMEA and Asia- Pac. The company has also incepted a joint venture (JV) company Eyecube Infognana Solutions to leverage the 400 member team available with the JV partner to transfigure IT services in the business, technology and BPO space.