IntelliVision: Video Intelligence and Analytic Experts

Vaidhi Nathan,  President and CEO

Vaidhi Nathan

President and CEO

With the changing demographics of business requirement, security has become the top priority to run business smoothly. The continuously increasing security concern has raised the need for advanced surveillance analytics in terms of law enforcement, national security, and corporate security organizations. Now, organizations are deploying millions of video and surveillance systems to ensure security. However, most of the surveillance systems are operated manually which causes security professionals issues in terms of continuous video monitoring and varying competency levels.

IntelliVision, a California based firm addresses these challenges by offering intelligent video analysis, smart camera, cloud solutions and automated monitoring solutions for security, surveillance, transportation, consumer, retail and safety markets. "Our products have been very successful and deployed with top customers and partners worldwide," says Vaidhi Nathan, President and CEO, IntelliVision.

The company's Intelligent Video suite of products automatically tracks and identifies objects,
analyzes motion, and extracts video intelligence from analog or digital video streams. The system can output analysis and video data mining in realtime events or store in a database. Moreover, the company also provides intelligent screening solutions for people, vehicle, and cargo which automatically detects, analyzes, classifies and finds threats and anomalies. One of the new key products of IntelliVision include Smart Home and Connected cameras to the cloud and mobile/ IOT space, and Intelligent Camera Analytics. IntelliVision powers more than 25,000 home cameras now and planning to scale up to 500,000 homes by end of this year.

IntelliVision video analytics also creates Business Intelligence (BI), converting video into business data for retail stores and shopping markets. The suite also performs Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition. The Face Recognition tool detects, recognizes and records people's faces that appear in the camera's field of view. The tool helps organizations in identifying one or more people in the scene using a stored database of faces and records them as images. The product's recognition capability allows it to search an existing database of faces and compares them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. License Plate Recognizer, another product of IntelliVision detects, recognizes and records vehicle license plate information.

It captures the information on the license plates detected in the scene. "License Plate Recognizer is used for Vehicular access control in parking lots
and garages and for calculating related metrics such as duration of stay and frequency of visits," claims Nathan. Additionally, IntelliVision's Customer Metrics is a powerful and advanced audience measurement solution. The software detects passively customer demographics for retail stores and ads. It can provide complete and comprehensive advertisement performance metrics, by accurately measuring the audience or customer counts and demographics. The technology uses advanced video and camera analytics to provide the full report.

IntelliVision differentiates itself by its innovation and continuous improvement of the products, people, and process. "Our solutions are used by thousands of customers including leading government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, enterprises and system integrators," says Nathan. The company believes in customer value, and accurate and timely information. For instance, IntelliVision is used in many traffic interactions and cameras to understand traffic Patterns. It helps to control traffic lights dynamically using cameras and video analytics and has over 12,000 cameras on U.S. roads. IntelliVision has an extensive clientele that includes companies such as Motorola, U.S. Army, Pentagon, Tyco, Swann, Airports, ION and more.

Moving forward, IntelliVision have major tasks and goals in the smart home and connected IOT space and the company aims to enhance its offering in the video analytics and intelligence space.