Procurify: Purchasing Made Easier Using Simple and Agile Platform

Aman Mann, CEO and Co-Founder

Aman Mann

CEO and Co-Founder

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement coupled with increasing adoption of Cloud is transforming the conventional method of doing business within as well as outside organizations. Increasingly, software vendors are targeting this unique culture by providing mobile apps usable with their enterprise software. But the penetration of such apps often remains confined to very few employees within the organization due to the lack of awareness about the dexterity of a mobile app and apprehensions about cloudbased products. As CEO and Co-Founder of Procurify, Aman Mann believes that creating awareness about the precedence of cloud-based mobile solutions over traditional legacy system is of utmost importance for Procurify.

Procurify provides real-time visibility of procurement and budget data instantly within its purchase order system.
"Procurify is a cloud and mobile way to streamline the data to avoid bottlenecks in the procurement process because the right processes and policies are put in place when the software is deployed, and data is derived at the right time," explains Mann. Using Procurify, an organization can prohibit unauthorized access, monitor purchase orders and expenses, ensure accurate inventory, centralize communication, and eliminate double-billing.

The tool also provides a paperless trail of the company's purchases, keeps a historic record of the inventory, while providing a nimble platform to eliminate unnecessary expenditures, and enable transparency throughout the entire procure-to-pay-cycle. The fact that it is delivered via cloud requires no upfront hardware or software cost, and with its unique "ZERO-IT" feature, no IT team is needed for costly maintenance services. "Our focus on the end-user has driven us to create a simplified business application that they can pick up and use the same way they use a Facebook or Twitter app on their Smartphone," remarks Mann. "It requires little or no training to implement and use Procurify,"

For instance, implementation of Procurify enabled one of their client companies to streamline its purchase order system.
The organization was struggling with data management as the data was coming from various mediums such as phone calls, emails, and paper purchaseorder books. The resulting bottleneck was resolved once Procurify came into picture. "The management of purchase order queries received by the concerned manager can now be done in 15 minutes using an iPad at the comfort of his cabin, which initially used to take a whole day. Additionally, within the first month, the organization found out that they were billed twice for over 2 years from their supply chain vendor, coming through different invoice numbers. Using Procurify, they were able to see this data and get a real-time visibility and notification of is happening. Procurify provided the visibility needed to prevent these issues in the future," claims Mann.

The accolades that Procurify is receiving from its clients have given them the thrust to move toward, providing deeper value propositions through its tool. The future, as Mann states, will bring along more features, better insights into real data, and automation. "One of the major focuses is to build the thought leadership and branding of the product to be a global player," adds Mann. "We look forward to integrating Procurify more with the real-world environment and getting deeper into different ecosystems. We will continue to derive stronger value propositions not only for our team to grow but our services that we provide to our customers."