SirionLabs: Managing Complex Services Engagements on a Single Integrated Platform

Ajay Agrawal,  Founder and CEO

Ajay Agrawal

Founder and CEO

Trends in enterprise technology are driven by evolving market dynamics and the accompanying changes in business requirements. Sometimes technology falls behind creating white spaces in the traditional technology landscape. By addressing such whitespaces through technological innovation, significant business value can be generated. SirionLabs' enterprise SaaS software, Sirion, which simplifies post-signature management of complex services engagements is a great example of such technological innovation.

Traditional enterprise technologies such as procurement, contract management, service delivery management and Procure-2-Pay systems have not been able to respond holistically to the emergence of complex services such as IT outsourcing, BPO, and 3PL over the past two decades. Most of these technologies were developed during the 90s to manage procurement of goods in the pre-signature phase and hence offer limited functionality in the post-signature phase, which is critical in complex services engagements.
These systems are unable to cut through the departmental silos between enterprise functions (e.g. procurement, service delivery, finance),and hence unable to provide an integrated view of the engagement.

"Recognizing the challenges faced by buyers and suppliers of complex services alike, the founding team of SirionLabs came together to develop Sirion to enable effective management of complex services on a single integrated platform." says Ajay Agrawal, Founder and CEO, SirionLabs. Sirion bridges the gaps in existing supplier governance (for buyers) and revenue assurance (for suppliers) solutions by tightly integrating all five key disciplines - contracts, performance, financial, risk/ compliance, and relationship management. Sirion maps performance data to contractually expected outcomes and automates invoice validation, enabling real-time analytics and transparency in all aspects of supplier governance and revenue assurance. "In today's enterprise software landscape - advanced analytics, mobility, and ease of use are key drivers for success. Sirion was built with these requirements at its core." points out Ajay. Sirion leverages its advanced analytics engine to deliver big data analytics through insightful dashboards and reports. Sirion's responsive design provides seamless access across devices and operating systems and mobile apps allow users to complete tasks and review reports anytime, anywhere. Built on a single page application platform, Sirion provides an intuitive user experience with features such as drag and drop, configurable panel sizes, dynamic menus, and user-friendly configurability options.
During the two years of its existence, Sirion has enabled several Fortune 1000 companies to transform their supplier governance function. For instance, a Fortune 500 Financial Services company implemented Sirion in 2013. In order to meet its business objective of rapidly growing its point of sale interface for its global agent network, the client needed to expand its information technology infrastructure. Accordingly, a rapid increase in outsourced services for IT and customer support was needed, but the client wanted to ensure that supplier performance did not suffer during the expansion. Sirion facilitated simultaneous rollout of 14 business processes across the core governance disciplines enabling automation of end-to-end supplier governance leading to consistent practices and measurements for all strategic suppliers. This resulted in complete visibility into supplier performance for executives in addition to huge savings through invoice audits and reduction in governance costs.

With 100+ employees across four global locations and eight Fortune 1000 clients, SirionLabs has seen success early in its nascent existence. "SirionLabs' success is the result of a strong idea that was nurtured by a bunch of bright and talented individuals who really believe in it. Sirion was conceived by 'questioning the status quo' and by re-imagining how complex services were traditionally managed. We continue to follow this approach in defining the road map for our product and company. SirionLabs is committed to building great technology solutions by focusing on innovation and excellence." concludes Ajay.