Trigent Software: Building Multi-Cloud Architectures for Advanced Applications

Chuck Rehberg,CTOThe incorporation of cloud-based solutions in modern day IT infrastructure has made data sharing, collaboration, and communication more flexible by increasing their scalability. However, to maximize the cloud benefits, businesses need to customize the solutions according to their needs—making the cloud adoption more of a strategic initiative to focus more on innovation rather than maintenance. Therefore, the companies are demanding custom solutions on PaaS and hybrid cloud instead of adapting third-party SaaS solutions to generate a new revenue stream in the cloud model to contribute to the business goals. Adding value to this, Trigent Software offers disruptive cloud-native web, mobile, and IoT solutions to help their clients maximize their returns on cloud investments.

"We see the cloud as a transformative innovation which is enabling the development and delivery of technology solutions, creating seamless communities of users, developers, and enterprises," says Chuck Rehberg, CTO of Trigent Software. Even though cloud adoption has increased many folds, organizations still have a strong reliance on in-house, legacy applications, especially for their unique needs. Trigent understands legacy infrastructure and applications, which places this firm in an advantageous position to modernize legacy applications through the cloud, SaaS, and micro-services building blocks.
Trigent identifies and provides solutions for migrating legacy applications to the cloud to create a strategy and roadmap for cloud adoption. Moreover, the firm works towards developing hybrid cloud applications to bring innovation at scale to the market and used DevOps methodology, tools, and processes to design, test and deploy new product releases faster.

The company orchestrates various components in the data center for load acceleration, balancing, security, and optimization with networking elements in the infrastructure. After collecting inventory and performing an assessment of its client's existing business applications, Trigent performs application portfolio analysis and financial risk analysis to determine “what, how and when” applications can be moved to the cloud. Bringing in cloud-based innovations, high performance, elasticity, and delivered via the web and mobile channels using Azure or AWS technologies, Trigent helps organizations to realize the full potential of the AWS cloud. The company also built an AWS Cloud Center of Excellence with trained and certified resources to offer the entire portfolio of AWS services. This helps the clients to move enterprise workloads including mainframe and enterprise resource planning to the AWS cloud. Apart from this, by building resilient Azure infrastructure, to rapidly deploy or migrate clients’ infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime and risk, Trigent’s cloud experts help clients’ to maximize the benefits of Microsoft Azure—backed by automation frameworks, audited processes, and industry best practices.

Trigent's Cloud Transformation services follow the evolutionary approach to help clients consolidate their data center, make a significant investment in virtualization while holding on to their traditional applications.
Moreover, the company's end-to-end services include roadmap planning, cost estimation, gap analysis, and recommendations to ongoing support for maintenance and platform upgrades for public or a hybrid cloud deployment.

Recently, to assist one of its Fortune 150 clients with regards to improving product designs, engineering processes, and production efficiency, Trigent deployed a mirror configuration test system in an AWS virtual private cloud (VPC). This virtual private cloud is available to both Trigent and the client's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for rapid issue analysis and to try out “what if scenarios” using multiple run-time configurations, without affecting the client’s official deployment and production systems. However, to accelerate delivery while meeting the client’s requirement for predictable, transparent deliveries, Trigent used an adapted Enterprise Agile delivery methodology.

Trigent identifies and provides solutions for migrating legacy applications to the cloud to create a strategy and roadmap for cloud adoption

Rehberg believes that applications across multiple cloud providers with differing technologies and services are adding layers of complexity to cloud adoption. In the near future, Trigent is focusing on intelligent application services with the aim of empowering businesses to deepen relationships with partners and customers. “At Trigent, we are therefore focusing on intelligent application services with the aim of providing our clients with an insured future of stability, security, and compliance,” concludes Rehberg.