Verificient Technologies: Automated Solutions for Verifying the Identity of End-users

Tim Dutta,   CEOToday, technology is at the forefront of education sector, streamlining decades-old processes with minimum human effort, and maximizing returns. The trend is very visible in the landscape where students appear for exams online at the comfort of their own private space. However, the credibility of examinations for online degrees and certifications are marred by the different forms of online cheating as a result of the anonymous nature of the Internet. With an automated continuous identity verification and remote proctoring system, New York based Verificient Technologies is effectively addressing these challenges with its unique product called Proctortrack.

"Proctortrack provides a safe, simple and secure method of taking an assessment anytime, anyplace, within the privacy of a students' own space," explains Tim Dutta, Co-founder and CEO of Verificient Technologies. "For the institutions,we protect their brand identity, safeguard their academic integrity, and ensure students are following the institution's testing policies and rigor during the assessment. In the end,
the Proctortrack technology is all about ensuring the integrity of the online degree and credentials". Leveraging multi-modal biometric verification methods such as facial recognition, knuckle scan, and id scan, Proctortrack confirms the identity of the test taker.

Delivered as a SaaS model, Proctortrack fills the current void of being automated, scalable and on demand, which traditional solutions in the marketplace lack. Proctortrack is easily integrated with over 96% of existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), of the higher education institutions. By being integrated into established platforms like Canvas by Instructure, Blackboard, eCollege by Pearson, D2L, Moodle, Saki, Kaplan and others. "We make the integration process of our SaaS very easy and efficient for our customers to adapt and implement. The quicker we can get into our customers' environment, the quicker organizations can realize the value and cost savings," states Dutta.

With the successful adoption of Proctortrack by myriad of educational institutions, Verificient Technologies has now introduced ProctorIQ to tackle the untamed market of pre-employment assessments. "we have streamlined the traditional method of filtering candidates to a more advanced method. Now the line manager knows which candidate has taken the assessment, passed the assessment, and matched the skills and competency levels required for that position before they even step foot into the employer's premises for an interview," explains Dutta. "More importantly,
we can get the candidate into the organization quicker, faster, and cheaper." ProctorIQ helps organizations to pinpoint and fine-tune getting the right candidate in a very efficient manner, with the right stakeholders looking for those candidates in the organization.

Having the ability to provide efficient solutions, the 2-year old company is disrupting the conventional methodologies in the marketplace. Dutta sources his success on listening intently not only to his colleagues, but also customers to understand their individual requirements. With efficiently and successfully addressing the needs of education and pre-employment assessment markets, Verificient Technologies is aiming to address the challenges of 90 percent unemployability of new engineering graduates with technical degrees in India. How? by providing top employers the ability to select candidates with verified competencies in many programming languages like: Java, JavaScript, Objective C, Python, Ruby, SQL HTML/ CSS and others. "These candidates are very sharp, but were somehow overlooked or fell through the cracks in the traditional on-campus recruitment model," said Dutta "But now companies will get another chance to get qualified and verified candidates, at their fingertips".Verificient continues to seek better ways to solve conventional identity verification voids in the marketplace, and will be looking at launching products that will also be disrupting the healthcare patient model as well as venture into financial services space.