ZeroStack: Complete Cloud Solution Providers

“Zero is a powerful number," begins Ajay Gulati, CEO at ZeroStack, in speaking about the reason for his company's name. "ZeroStack necessarily implies that one does not need any cloud experts to run a true scale-out cloud and that the solution is complete. Our entire offering is self-contained, with a single license," asserts the industry veteran.

Gulati believes that the current market is witnessing a rising demand for public cloud infrastructure, but no one wants to carry the load of management complexity and operations. In addition, existing solutions in the market are falling short to meet the rising demand.

Our entire offering is self-contained, with a single license

However, the team at ZeroStack brings into the market complete solutions that aid companies in building their cloud infrastructure. ZeroStack uses smart software and artificial intelligence to deliver a self-driving, fully-integrated private cloud platform that offers the agility and simplicity of the public cloud at a fraction of the cost.

Featuring an intelligent software product, Z-Brain, the ZeroStack SaaS portal drives the private cloud solution without the need for any on-premise management software or cloud infrastructure expertise. The SaaS-based portal collects telemetry data. Z-Brain uses artificial intelligence to create models from that data that help customers make decisions about capacity planning, troubleshooting and optimized placement of applications. On the other hand, ZeroStack's Z-COS cloud operating system converts on-premises bare-metal servers into a reliable, self-healing cloud cluster, which is then consumed by the SaaS portal.
Z-COS also provides the self-healing capabilities that customers would expect from a cloud solution. ZeroStack brings home cloud for its clients by combining the Z-Brain SaaS portal for developers and IT admins to consume services, and Z-COS together complete the ZeroStack Intelligent Cloud Platform. Thus, the firm is able to make any server into a cloud with a single download and installation process.

"By leveraging market-leading server and storage assets, we help customers move to cloud with minimal CapEx barriers. We dramatically reduce operational costs, by 10x," says Gulati. Citing one of their case studies, Gulati says that one of their customers noted that ZeroStack's cloud infrastructure only requires four hours of help from IT personnel per week, compared to their environment, which requires about 40 hours. This massive difference in overhead is mainly due to the machine learning technology deployed by ZeroStack, which removes the need for specialists, thereby stripping costs from the environment. "This is accomplished through our SaaS portal delivery model since software developers can ‘self-service’," adds Gulati.

With a primary motive to build the best ‘self-driving’ cloud for software developers, ZeroStack under the leadership of Kiran Bondalapati and Gulati have expanded its services and solutions in countries such as the U.S., Singapore, Amsterdam, and India. Gulati recalls that it was only three years ago that he and Kiran had met each other. Belonging to the same background, the discussions between the two led to the pain points experienced in the IT and services industry, giving rise to the idea of filling the existing void in the market by introducing new themes and products. This idea then became a reality in 2014, with the establishment of ZeroStack.
Ajay Gulati,CEO & Co-founder

Ajay Gulati

CEO & Co-founder

The experience and expertise of Bondalapati and Gulati assisted them in not only identifying the lapse in the market but also in bringing favorable solutions to overcome the same.

Today at ZeroStack, every member in the company has hands-on knowledge and relentless focus to execute the best products in the market. Each employee is success driven, and this according to Gulati, is one of the primary reasons behind the success that ZeroStack has achieved.

The ZeroStack team has also received Gartner award for its contribution to the market and was featured in the CRN Emerging Cloud Leaders. ZeroStack continues to expand its ecosystem so customers can leverage the best existing assets with its cloud software. They recently added white-labeling features allowing customers to also sell services using ZeroStack's cloud service. They have also integrated with AWS to migrate workloads and added a much more enhanced chargeback and show back personality. "Our goal is to ensure that the answer is always a ‘yes.’ We have recently collaborated with both Nimble Storage and Nexenta Storage. In addition, we announced partnering with HPE and Dell last year. You will see more integrations over the coming months," concludes Gulati.